Landcare Covid-19 Response Plan

“Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Teams Do.”

“Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Teams Do.”

Landcare Team,

It is vital that we have COVID-19 protocols.

DON’T come into work if you have any symptoms of a cold, flu, allergies, or other that could even be perceived as COVID 19. *immediately inform your crew leader/captain and the office.

Strictly follow hygiene protocols and social distancing as recommended by Health Canada, which have been emailed to you and clearly posted at our office.

As you may know, the government has updated the essential services list. Landcare qualifies as an essential service in Ontario for Winter and Landscape Maintenance work and we will move forward as required for our clients.

The following rules are how we are going to schedule work and manage the risk.

1.      Crew will be setup with specific crew members and will not change for any reason! Only those people will be allowed in close contact inside a vehicle travelling to and from properties.

2.     Employees with Landcare vehicles, will be asked to pick up a crew member who normally travel by TTC. Only two staff members will be allowed to travel together in a Landcare vehicle, the driver and a crew member in the back passenger side.  Employees with personal vehicles or options for non-public transportation are advised to avoid public transit. Employees must wear a mask or face shield provided while driving inside a vehicle together.

3.   Employees with personal vehicles will be asked if they will be able to use their vehicles for transportation to project sites. We will reimburse them for this use based on kilometres travelled each work day.

4.     We will be setting staggered start times, so crews should have no physical contact with others. Mailboxes will be set up in the yard where your assigned vehicle is parked for Crew Leaders to pickup and drop off of route sheet/job packages, paperwork, required items. If you return your assigned Yard area and a crew is already there, park on the street wait until they leave to enter the Yard. 

5.   We will be outfitting our crew vehicles/trailers with bleach solution for vehicle cleaning at end of each shift and as needed during the day, wash stations with water and soap, portable washrooms, face shields, and any other materials or equipment we can procure for them. 

6.  Use the resources provided diligently, make sure your teams member are keeping distance and wearing mask, face shield, and washing them hands and vehicles. 

Let’s take care of each other!

7.     If a crew member develops symptoms or exposure to someone with Covid-19, it will be determined as per Health Canada guidance what the next steps are. By keeping the crews set and separate, these incidents should only effect that one crew and not everyone in the division. – see attached decision chart and protocols

a.     A team member develops symptoms or gets sick; inform the office and your crew leader/captain immediately!  *DON’T COME TO WORK!

b.     The crew leader should review with management to determine how the rest of the crew will proceed, based on their Health Canada guidance and their best judgement. 

8.    Do not enter the upstairs office for any reason. Call us to discuss any issues. Call ahead and we will arrange to leave any resources in your mailbox or appropriate pickup place. Our office staff, when they must work onsite, will also have staggered times, separate work areas, follow physical distancing rules, be masked or shielded and will have bleach and water solutions to wipe down there work areas at the beginning and end of each shift.

9. Schedules will be provided by email. Communications will be done by email, phone, and text. Meetings will be set up on Zoom. Management, Administration, your Supervisors, are here if you need support, or have questions or concerns. Please stay in touch!

NOTE: As the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, employers and employees need to know their legal rights and obligations as it relates to the Canadian workplace.

You are required to disclose to your employer if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 because in the present circumstances it is reasonable to require proactive disclosure due the risk of transmission.

An employee is required to disclose if he or she has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Similarly, an employee can be required to disclose travel outside of Canada or on a cruise ship within the past 14 days. This includes indirect travel, such as a plane “stopping-over” in an area, because new passengers and service individuals from that area may come into contact with existing passengers and crew. Attendance at large gatherings is also discouraged and should be monitored.

An employer must make every effort to keep private your personal information and it will not be broadly disclosed to others.

Employees have the right to refuse to perform work if they hold a bona fide belief a “physical condition” in the workplace constitutes a risk to their health or safety. Generally, this involves concern over equipment or machinery. However, it is possible “physical condition” may also include concern for the spread of a serious illness such as COVID-19. In the event of a work refusal, an employer has an obligation to place the refusing employee in an area where he or she is safe, and perform an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the refusal.


Thank you,

Lana Terpstra Adm

(416) 410-0320 Ext.1