We run many divisions. Whether you are looking for work in construction, maintenance, snow removal, design or administration, If you are interested in joining our team, [click here] to find out what careers are currently available at Landcare.




Landcare’s careers are marked by values, values that are illustrated through the acronym C.A.R.E.


  • Amongst each team and division
  • Amongst field staff/ customer service reps/ sales/ admin/ bookkeeping/ HR/ management

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself!


  • Acceptance of responsibility for honest and ethical conduct
  • Focus on achieving goals and tasks

It starts with you! “On good teams: coaches hold players accountable, on great teams: players hold players accountable.”


  • Trusting each others strengths and helping each others weaknesses
  • Finding common ground and creating connection

“Good relationships are no accident. Like a garden they require time and care.”


  • Taking one trip instead of two
  • Doing in right the first time

“Work smarter not harder.”


We sell our clients the freedom to do what they want with their time and energy because they know that their property or project will always be taken care of and look great!

  • Landcare listens to the client’s needs and makes sure these needs are taken care of.
  • Landcare delivers service at the time we said we would.
  • Landcare takes care of the details.
  • Landcare employees aim to be masters of their trade.
  • Landcare embodies and delivers professionalism.
  • Safety is Landcare’s paramount consideration.