Landcare In the Community


Landcare believes supporting where we are from. Over the years we have done this in a variety of ways. We regularly participate in Daily Bread Food Bank events, and, when a project that provides value to to the community or the local environment needs support, we are there to help.

Service companies such as us play a pivotal role in the fabric of a local community, and our commitment to providing meaningful contributions goes beyond mere transactions. Establishing a strong presence within Toronto is not just an ethical responsibility that can have far-reaching positive effects. Below are some reasons as to why the concept of service industries giving back to the community are important.

Firstly, local service companies are integral to the economic vitality of their communities. By offering employment opportunities and stimulating economic activity, they contribute to the financial well-being of residents, fostering a thriving local economy. This, in turn, creates a cycle of support as community members reciprocate by choosing local services, thereby strengthening the bond between the business and its patrons.

Beyond economic impact, service companies become pillars through social responsibility initiatives. Engaging in local philanthropy, supporting community events, or participating in environmental conservation efforts are ways service companies can give back. These contributions not only address specific neighbourhoods needs but also demonstrate a shared commitment to the welfare of the local populace.

Moreover, service companies act as ambassadors of their city’s identity. Through their operations, they showcase the unique character and values of the locality, becoming symbols of pride for residents. This local connection fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty, as community members are more likely to support businesses that actively participate in and care about their surroundings.

In essence, the importance of service companies providing to their local community extends beyond business transactions. It is about fostering economic prosperity, social cohesion, and a shared sense of identity, ultimately creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the business and the city it serves.

Here is a synopsis of a few of our Community projects.

St Joseph’s Health Centre

St. Joe's Neighbourhood Throwdown

Landcare Sponsored St. Joe’s Neighbourhood Throwdown at Toronto’s Junction Brewery.

Trees 4 Life Canada

A Campaign of Green Infrastructure Ontario

In mid-September the call for volunteers to help with a tree planting event was receiced from Landscape
Ontario. Landcare jumped at the opprotunity to participate in this inagural tree planting in the Trees for Life Foundation (TLF) initiative to double the urban forest canopy in the GTA by 2050. On Sat Oct 27, 2012, a group of Landcare employees braved the wet weather to participate in planting 42 large caliper trees at Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School. We look forward to participating in upcoming TLF events.

The Stop Community Food Centre

Global Roots Garden

The Stop_005
The Stop- completion photos_002
The Stop- project photos_003
The Stop- project photos_005
The Stop_001
The Stop_002
The Stop_004

The Stop’s Global Roots Garden, located on the south side of the Wychwood Barns on Christie Street, is a cluster of seven demonstration gardens, tended by seniors and youth from the community, growing food products from their native countries. Many of the beds are raised and most are wheelchair-accessible.

Landcare was initially asked to participate in the design phase of this unusual project. In the end, we
completed much of the installation for the accessible, senior friendly demonstration gardens in partnership with Martin Hunnius from Said and Done, donating time and materials to this excellent community project.

High Park Baseball Association

High Park Ernie Keith In Field
High Park Home Base view

Landcare sponsors the High Park Baseball association by maintaining the infield of their ball diamond.

Daily Bread Food Bank

Landcare regularly participates in food drives and food sorting events to support the less fortunate in our community. [Donate Now]

United Way Community Living Centre Gardening Project

This spring (2015) we were invited to be part of a volunteer gardening project at the United Way Community Living Centre in downtown Toronto by BMO’s
Corporate Audit Division. The Centre provides adults, with physical and intellectual challenges, a daily centre to socialize and receive assistance as needed. These members spend a lot of time in the centre’s garden, and we were pleased to help create a wonderfully colourful space for them this year. Each year the BMO Corporate Audit Division raises funds to purchase annual flowers for the centre, and then they spends a day planting for the centre.

Landcare’s participation involved selecting and purchasing trays of brightly coloured annuals on behalf of the Corporate Audit Division. Our wholesale purchasing power provided many more annuals than in other years  and saved the Coordinator a lot of time  buying from local retail outlets. We were happy to be presented with this opportunity to help the United Way Community Living Centre and the results were greatly appreciated by the members who make use of the centre every day.

Duke of York School and Nelson Mandela Park Public School

Duke of York School_001
Duke of York Community Garden Project_007
Duke of York Community Garden Project_004

In 2010 and again this spring (2013), the Greenwood College mentorship program reached out to Landcare to work with them and the students from two Regent Park schools to improve the outdoor areas of the school properties. The students of the Duke of York School worked hand-in-hand with Landcare and the Greenwood College representatives to create gardens where none existed. At the Nelson Mandela Park Public School, Greenwood College, Landcare and the students built and planted timber planters to help make the school a beautiful place.

Study Garden At Keele/Mountview School

Landcare created an outdoor classroom and study garden for the students at Mountview School. The classroom was created using large armour stone, arranged in a semicircle under the shade of a large tree.