Landscape Lighting In The Backyard of a House

An Ideal Feature to Complement a Landscape Design and Add Value to a Home

Homeowners can pursue several options/courses of action to reflect pride of ownership in their residence and property.  Some will choose to upgrade the interior amenities and décor of the home while others might prefer to accent its exterior through such features as a custom landscape design, an in-ground pool, and/or an outdoor entertainment area.

An investment in such features and amenities will certainly bring returns with respect to personal enjoyment and homeowner self-esteem, and it will likely add value to the home and property as well.  Yet while any interior upgrades can be appreciated on a daily basis throughout the year, both the pleasures and the curb appeal derived from any exterior enhancements/landscaping are limited by seasonality and the number of daylight hours.

One way to overcome these limitations of nature lies in the installation of custom-design landscape lighting. Homeowners can attain a number of tangible and intangible benefits when they have landscape lighting professionally designed and installed by experienced landscaping services providers like the Landcare team; these benefits would consist of:

  • Enhanced curb appeal/value
  • Heightened pride of ownership
  • Extended beauty of their property
  • Additional dimension of safety/security

When considering the installation of custom landscape lighting, whether through a wholly new design or by the replacement of existing outdoor lighting, homeowners might find it preferable to proceed with light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting over the more traditional incandescent lighting format.  There are several advantages to LED lighting, including:

  • A more energy-efficient type of lighting
  • No difference in amount of light emitted
  • Instantaneous and full light when turned on
  • Longer-lasting (more hours of performance)
  • No ultraviolet rays – lessens attraction to bugs
  • Operates at a lower temperature (safety factor)
  • Appeal – steady distribution of warm, inviting light
  • Installation does not require services of an electrician

Based on the above factors, LED landscape lighting is the standard system installed by the professionals from Landcare.  The quality and intensity of light emitted, as well as its longevity of performance, far surpass that of traditional types of lighting, making LED an ideal choice to highlight/complement a landscape design and add curb appeal and value to a home and property.

A Variety of Landscape Lighting Options to Beautify Your Home and Property

Stone Work & Landscaping Lighting Around a Pool in the BackyardWhether installing new custom-design landscape lighting or replacing an existing lighting system, homeowners can rely on the creativity and the skilled workmanship of Landcare.  Using only the highest quality materials and recognized brands, Landcare will design and install landscape lighting effects that will indeed accentuate the beauty of any property.

A sampling of the landscape lighting affects/accents that Landcare can install would be:

  • Path lighting – as the name implies
  • Up lighting – the light is directed upward
  • Down lighting – light is projected downward
  • Tread lighting – illumination of steps and stairs
  • Surface-mount – can shine light in any direction

For further information on the benefits of LED landscape lighting or to discuss the design of a customized system for your home and property, call the landscaping professionals from Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to request a consultation about our lighting installation services.