Benefits Of Improved Commercial Property Designs

For any commercial property, whether it serves a retail, rental, or industrial purpose, its physical appearance or design is a direct reflection of the individual or corporation that holds the title/deed of ownership. It is often said that perception is reality, and as a result, a commercial property that appears shoddy/poorly maintained may discourage potential clients and customers – even though the goods and/or services offered by the title holder or the occupants are of the finest quality.

The importance of improving or upgrading your commercial property, whether through simple garden pruning or a major overhaul of its design, cannot be overlooked nor taken lightly. Visual appeal can have a direct and significant impact on such critical business aspects as gross revenues, occupancy rates, potential resale value and, equally important, reputation.

Addressing and upgrading your commercial property design will produce any number of significant benefits, depending on the nature of your business and the fundamental reasons for making such an investment.

Some of these major benefits include:

  • Creating a positive first impression and a welcoming atmosphere
  • Enhancing curb appeal to generate more traffic/attract potential customers
  • Bolstering occupancy rates and increasing rental revenues
  • Producing additional resources for investment in capital improvements
  • Protecting the existing sub-structure of the building or facility
  • Reducing vacancies/turn-over and relieving the pressures of finding new tenants
  • Lessening or reducing seasonal maintenance costs
  • Adding an estimated 5-20% to any resale value of the property

There are no restrictions or ‘age limits’ for a commercial property to undergo a design or landscaping upgrade. In Toronto, new and old properties alike can capitalize on the benefits of upgrades ranging from garden landscaping to new green roof installations.

Landcare’s Design Team Will Build A Master Plan For Your Commercial Property

The commercial property design team at Landcare will expertly create a Master Plan, based on your needs, preferences, and budget, to upgrade the value and the aesthetic appeal of your physical asset. From an initial consultation to a concept meeting to final modifications and approval, our design team offers unparalleled attention to detail that ensures your complete satisfaction with no cost overruns.

The Landcare installation team will then apply its experience/expertise in such areas as:

  • Garden and stone landscaping
  • Custom woodworking
  • Green roof installations

In addition, no commercial property is too large or too small for the Landcare design and installation teams. Our commercial property designs can be employed by many different business and facilities across Toronto and the GTA, including:

  • Retail operations and shopping malls
  • Industrial parks
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Corporate offices and headquarters
  • Condominium, apartment, townhouse, and retirement home complexes

For any and all of your landscaping and commercial property design needs, call the Landcare team today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to arrange a free consultation.