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Snow Removal TorontoThere is a picturesque quality to a snowfall and the resultant white blanket that covers the ground, shrubs, and tree limbs. Looking through a window, a homeowner may have a sense of calm and tranquility – until their gaze turns to the accumulation of snow that will need to be shovelled or cleared from their driveway and sidewalks.

Sometimes, just the thought of snow removal can raise tension and agitation levels in homeowners, to the point where they begin to imagine and/or anticipate the amount of shoulder and back strain that they will likely have to endure during the coming winter.

To eliminate such thoughts, and to avoid the potential of muscle strains from shovelling, services are available through landscaping contractors or snow removal companies in Toronto, such as Landcare. Furthermore, with colder temperatures having already arrived and winter just around the corner, it would be advisable to secure a snow removal contract as soon as possible to ensure that adequate service and coverage is confirmed for the entire winter season.

It is important to distinguish that snow removal services are not limited to just driveway plowing. A contract can encompass all of the following:

  • The driveway
  • Private walkways
  • Public sidewalks
  • Steps/staircases
  • Porches/decks
  • Spreading sand/grit
  • Ice removal (de-icer/salt)
  • Snow plow ridge removal

Many contracts will also contain one or more these stipulations/terms:

  • Minimum depth of snow for the service to be provided
  • Service window – number of hours after snowfalls end
  • Applicable conditions for revisits
  • Number of revisits
  • Number of salt or sand applications
  • Applicable conditions for snow relocation/haulage

It will not be long before snow removal becomes a necessity for both safety and health reasons. Service providers for residential properties are busily planning their routes, and contract opportunities available to homeowners are being filled and closing quickly.

To guarantee a confirmed contract with an experienced and professional snow removal company such as Landcare, it would be prudent to book all required and desired services as soon as possible.

Thorough Snow Removal Services For Residential And Commercial Properties

Landcare offers comprehensive winter maintenance packages for customers throughout Toronto and the GTA. These thorough snow removal services consist of:

  • Snow plowing and shoveling
  • Ice melting applications
  • Snow haulage/relocation

and can be provided across a wide range of properties, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Recreational
  • Industrial facilities
  • High-rise complexes
  • Multi-unit dwellings
  • Parking facilities

To ensure that your residential or commercial property receives the professional and thorough snow removal you will need this coming winter, call the experts at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to discuss the specific services that best meet your needs.