Caring For Your Garden During The Winter

Winter surprised us all this year by showing up earlier than in recent years. As a snow plowing and removal company providing services in Toronto, we were prepared because our winter contracts start on November 15th. As an individual, I haven’t quite finished putting my garden to bed. There are still pots to empty and a few perennials to cut back. I’m sure there are many people in the same boat as me.

Most people think about putting their garden to bed for the winter, but have you ever thought about what care might be required for your garden during the winter? Here are a few tips:

  • Evergreens and broadleaf evergreens (any plant that holds its green foliage over the winter), lose water through their leaves, even in the winter. Continue to water plants until a hard freeze so they have a better chance for survival. Consider watering them in warm spells as the soilSnow Removal Toronto can dry out if there is not sufficient snow melt.
  • Winter urn displays can also benefit from watering during winter warm spells.
  • Burlap wrapping can be used to shield boxwoods, cedars and other evergreens from salt spray and winter winds. If plants have been wrapped, consider ventilating them during the day during warm spells.
  • Upright junipers and other columnar plants should have their branches tied together to help maintain their columnar shape.
  • Heavy, wet snow left on untied branches can cause the branches to permanently spread or even break. To remove excess snow from branches, gently brush or scoop the snow away with your hands. Shaking branches or limbs to remove snow may break them.
  • If you have gardens along the edge of a driveway or walkway take care to not shovel or blow snow onto the tops of shrubs. The weight of the snow can cause branches to break.
  • Road salt and de-icing products can damage plants by drawing water away from their roots. Excess salt can be flushed out of the soil with plenty of water. There are also products on the market that help neutralize the damage caused by salt.

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