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Having great design is only the beginning to creating your Toronto commercial landscape oasis. Being able to interpret the nuance of the design and install it with craftsmanship and skill are talents possessed by few. Landcare Toronto can happily boast that it has put together a dedicated team of professional tradesmen and women who can.

Most of our crew leaders have over 20 years of experience. Their experience is an accumulation of hands-on training and college diplomas.

dedicated team of
professionals are:

Skilled craftsmen
Result driven
Problem solvers
Able to read blueprints and plans
Familiar with code requirements
Passionate about what they do

At Landcare, our diverse portfolio of projects stems from collaborations with in-house designers, residential and commercial architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, interior designers, and homeowners. This rich tapestry of sources has exposed us to a myriad of ideas, concepts, and installations, fueling our passion for creating distinctive and functional landscapes.

Our engagement with various design professionals and individuals has honed our ability to translate diverse visions into tangible, award-winning landscapes. We take pride in our adaptability, seamlessly transitioning from in-house designs to executing the visions of external architects and designers. This flexibility allows us to embrace a wide spectrum of projects, from intimate residential spaces to expansive commercial developments.

Recognition from Landscape Ontario, with awards spanning small projects up to $10,000 and large projects exceeding $100,000, underscores our commitment to excellence across all scales. Our passionate team not only revels in the installation of unique, creative projects but also excels in the execution of functional landscapes. Whether it’s transforming a cozy backyard or orchestrating the development of a sprawling commercial property, our dedication to quality remains unwavering.

What sets Landcare apart is not just our ability to execute diverse projects but the genuine enjoyment we derive from our work. Our team, driven by a shared passion for landscaping, approaches each project with enthusiasm and an innate eye for detail. This commitment is not confined to the grandiose; it extends to every aspect of our work, ensuring that even the smallest details contribute to the overall excellence of our landscapes.

In essence, Landcare is more than a landscaping service; it’s a testament to creativity, functionality, and an unwavering dedication to bringing visions to life. Our journey, enriched by collaborations and diverse projects, fuels our ongoing commitment to delivering landscapes that not only meet but exceed expectations.


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