Landscape Maintenance

Start your 100% Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program as soon as the grass starts to green up.


  • Remove debris, thatch and winter die back by heavy raking lawn
  • Edge sidewalks and walkways
  • Remove debris and cut back any perennials left standing
  • Cultivate garden soil once perennials are starting to appear
  • Trim hedges

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program typically includes the following four fertilizer applications, slit seeding, aeration, and dethatching.

  • 1st application: March 15th to April 15th – Alfalfa 5-1-5
  • 2nd application: April 15th to May 1st – Corn Gluten 4-4-8
  • 3rd application: August 1st to September 1st – Alfalfa 5-1-5 (Summer)
  • 4th application, October 15th to November 1st – Alfalfa 5-1-5 (Fall)

Additional Spring Lawn Care Services

  • Nematode application for grub control
  • Top dress and seed bare and thinning patches
  • Aerating to reduce soil compaction and increase soil oxygen levels
  • Installation of new sod
  • Slit seeding existing lawns

Additional Garden Services

  • Clean-up water features
  • Amend garden soil
  • Divide hostas, coneflower, black- eyed susan, daylilies, tall sedums, ornamental grasses and other perennials that flower from mid-June onwards in late spring, divide spring flowering perennials like creeping phlox, basket of gold and candy tuft
  • Mulch garden areas and base of vines to help conserve water and reduce weeds
  • Annual planting installed in early spring and mid to late May
  • Container planting in early spring and mid to late May unwrap, fertilize, adjust soil pH and mulch rhododendrons
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs
  • Fertilize gardens in early and late spring

Pruning Services for Plants Under 12’ in Height

  • In late winter, shape alders, catalpa, redbud, ashes, mountain ashes, oak, evergreens, yews, spirea, boxwood, and privet
  • Prune deadwood out of shrubs and trees and shape hedges
  • Prune shrubs and vines that bloom from July onward for shape and size in early spring
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs like lilac, purple sand cherry and fosythia after blooms have faded in late spring
  • Cut roses back to three bud in early spring
  • Prune dogwood, burning bush, trumpet vine, mugho pine, bush honeysuckles, silverlace vines, clematis, and virginia creeper espaliered trees to shape or control size


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Landscape Management

Early spring is a great time to get started on construction projects! Have your deck or fence built, install your natural stone walkways and patios, or install an interlock project like a driveway or patio. Sign up early for your garden installation!

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