Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance

  • Cut, edge and trim lawns
  • Weed, edge and cultivate gardens
  • Deadhead and stake perennials
  • Pinch annuals
  • Trim shrubs

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program

3rd application: August 1st to September 1st – Alfalfa 5-1-5

Additional Summer Landscape Services

  • Install new sod

Additional Summer Garden Services

  • Amend garden soil
  • Divide irises and poppies
  • Mulch garden areas and base of vines to help conserve water and reduce weeds
  • Fertilize gardens in early July

Pruning Services for Plants Under 12’ in Height

  • Prune deadwood out of shrubs and trees and shape hedges
  • Prune weigelas, privets, wisteria, trumpet vine, climbing hydrangea, spring and early summer flowering clematis, and other shrubs that bloomed in spring from July onward to shape or control size


Have your outdoor oasis professionally designed, plan for fall bulb planting or request for a design fall annual planting and container arrangements.

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Landscape Management

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