Snow Plowing and Ice Melting

Our Winter Maintenance Package Runs from November 15 until
April 15

Snowplowing and ice melting services are available from November 15 to April 15 for both Commercial and Residential clients.

Landcare offers year-round landscape maintenance, also known as groundskeeping. We divide our year-round maintenance programs into two types, Summer and Winter maintenance. Our Winter Maintenance program includes snow clearing (plowing, shovelling), ice melting applications, snow relocation and snow removal services. We provide our services to commercial and residential properties, businesses, multi-unit residences, industrial operations.

Landcare runs numerous winter maintenance crews in neighbourhoods across Toronto. Our team has access to all the equipment required to fully service your property, including truck and skidsteer plows, snow blowers, machine snow-brush, dry and liquid ice melting sprayers. All of our Winter Maintenance Managers’ have received “Smart About Salt” certification.


Pruning Services for Plants Under 12′ in Height

In late winter, shape alders, catalpa, redbud, ashes, mountain ashes, oak, evergreens, yews, spirea, boxwood, and privet


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