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    A little something about us. We are Greater Toronto’s top landscaper, groundskeeper, and snow remover for over 30 years. Landcare has been providing high quality landscaping services to Commercial and Residential clients in Toronto, North YorkEtobicoke and Mississauga residential neighbourhoods and commercial city centres. Each client benefits from our team of educated horticulturists, landscape designers, stone masons, carpenters and other landscape specialists and our dedication to providing top-notch customer service.

    Our vision is a commitment to excellence in exterior maintenance and construction services, placing safety at the forefront of all our endeavors. We aspire to surpass both our competition and our own past accomplishments, ensuring that every project we undertake reflects our unwavering dedication to mastery in our trade. Attention to detail is our hallmark, and we approach each task with meticulous precision.

    At the heart of our vision is the profound understanding that by delivering exceptional services, we offer our clients a precious commodity – the freedom to channel their time and energy where it matters most. We recognize that a well-maintained property not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also grants homeowners and businesses the peace of mind that their outdoor spaces will consistently radiate excellence. By taking care of the intricacies in our work, we empower our clients to fully enjoy the freedom to pursue their passions and priorities while we ensure that their property continues to look impeccable. Our vision encapsulates a relentless pursuit of quality, safety, and client satisfaction, ultimately allowing those we serve the freedom to focus on what truly matters in their lives.

    Mission “Worry free”
    • Landcare listens to the client’s needs and makes sure these needs are taken care of.
    • Landcare delivers service at the time we said we would. 
    • Landcare takes care of the details.
    • Landcare employees aim to be masters of their trade.
    • Landcare embodies and delivers professionalism.
    • Safety is Landcare’s paramount consideration.