Custom Wood Structures Can Augment And Upgrade Your Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping TorontoTo enhance the aesthetic beauty and increase the value of their property, homeowners will often invest in landscaping upgrades. In most cases, when the topic of garden landscaping in Toronto arises in conversation, thoughts and mental images turn to floral gardens, rock gardens, and/or trees and shrubs.

One further yet perhaps under-appreciated facet to landscaping upgrades is the strategic placement of custom wood structures such as:

  • Decks and fencing
  • Sheds or pool houses
  • Arbors, pergolas, trellises
  • Gazebos or pavilions

Such custom wood structures can add a measure/combination of function, aesthetics, maximization of space, and complimentary or contrasting design to existing landscaping.

Some of the utility and/or appeal that outdoor wood structures can provide include:

  • Shade and/or shelter/protection
  • Safe and secure storage facilities
  • Decorative or ornamental features
  • An area for dining and entertaining
  • Horticultural or gardening purposes

In addition to the flexibility that custom wood structures offer in terms of their utility and appeal, homeowners can tailor or distinguish their outdoor wood structures based on the type of material. Several types of softwoods and hardwoods are available for use depending on budget and personal preference, including:


  • Pine (usually pressure-treated)
  • Cedar
  • Douglas Fir
  • Hemlock


  • Walnut
  • Meranti (similar to Mahogany)
  • Kayu Batu (Mahogany family)

Due to some potentially intricate designs for custom wood structures, as well as the complexities of working with certain types of wood, homeowners may be well advised to utilize the services of skilled outdoor designers and carpenters. Landcare’s carpenters are true craftsmen who will combine their knowledge and expertise with your specific needs to create wood structures that will endure and delight for many, many years.

Landcare’s Carpenters Will Design And Construct Your Custom Wood Structures

Although outdoor wood structures may be available in pre-fab or ready-to-assemble formats, these kits or packages may not be the best option for your landscaping needs. In such cases, you are often trading individuality and customization for time-savings and convenience.

If you are going to invest in outdoor wood structures, hence investing in the aesthetic appeal and value of your property, there may be more immediate and long-term benefit in pursuing a custom design and having the work done by skilled carpenters such as the professionals from Landcare. Wood structures designed and built by the Landcare team address several key aspects that cannot be guaranteed by a pre-fab or ready-to-assemble kit, including:

  • Recommending the optimal type of material
  • Complementing existing landscaping (trees, pool, natural stone)
  • Complementing existing structures (home, garage, deck/patio)
  • Maximizing the use of available space
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail

If you are looking for professional design and construction of custom wood structures to augment your current landscaping, call the Landcare specialists today at 416-410-0320 to discuss how we can help enhance the utility and appeal of your property.