Enjoy the Good Weather by Adding or Renovating a Deck

A Residential Landscaping Services Provider Can Build or Revitalize Your Deck

Residential Landscaping Services
After another frigid winter in Toronto and the GTA, homeowners are finally able to enjoy the outdoors without need for parkas, gloves, toques, or boots.  For many homeowners, delighting in spring and summer weather includes little more than working on their lawn and garden landscaping around Toronto area, then remaining outside to perhaps savour their favourite drink and a barbecued meal.

In some cases, however, this latter relaxation aspect is diminished or even discouraged by the state of their wooden deck or the lack of a deck or patio altogether.  This means that, once their yard work is done, the capacity or opportunity to take pleasure from any entertainment or from merely sitting back and admiring their property is either restricted or virtually non-existent.

But it does not have to be this way – investing in a new deck or in renovating an existing structure can both rejuvenate a property and rejuvenate the pleasure that homeowners can derive from appreciating the property’s ambience.  There are in fact many positives that can be achieved by building or revitalizing a deck, including:

  • Creating or expanding outdoor living space
  • Establishing an outdoor entertainment area
  • Making more/better use of a sloped property
  • Adding style/versatility to current landscaping
  • Fashioning space for personal privacy/solitude
  • Increasing property value (for resale purposes)

In terms of the materials that are most commonly used for constructing/reconstructing a wooden deck, homeowners can choose from the following based on personal preference, inclination for maintenance, and budget:

  • Pressure-treated pine
  • Cedar
  • Wood composite
  • Mahogany
  • Ipe (Brazilian hardwood)

Building or rebuilding a deck can indeed be done as a do-it-yourself project by those who feel confident in their ability to create a structure that is level, aesthetically pleasing, and architecturally sound.  Those who may not be as inclined, or homeowners who prefer the skills of professional deck builders, may wish to call upon the expertise of a residential landscaping services provider, such as the team from Landcare.

A Wooden Deck Should Meet Both Its Structural and Aesthetic Requirements

In addition to the budget and the choice of materials, many other factors must be taken into consideration when building a new wooden deck or restoring an existing structure.
These dynamics consist of the following:

  • The main purpose for the deck (weight-bearing considerations)
  • Ease of access to/from the home (or kitchen) and the property
  • Its size and shape, and whether it will be single- or multi-tiered
  • Direction of the sun (the preferred amount of sunlight or shade)
  • Amenities – cooking or dining needs, furnishings, other comforts
  • Accents – a hot tub, lighting/hydro, a static or retractable cover
  • Compatibility of its design to the home, pool, and/or landscaping
  • Adherence to local building codes and any permit requirements

Constructing or reconstructing a wooden deck requires significant planning and effort in order to achieve optimal outcomes relative to:

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality

The residential landscaping services provided by Landcare include the expert design and construction of wooden decks and other wood structures to compliment your home and property.  To ensure that your new or renovated wooden deck meets all structural requirements and enhances the value or curb appeal of your property, investing in the experience and craftsmanship of Landcare’s construction team may be the ideal option.

For all your outdoor wood construction needs, including the addition or renovation of a deck, call the design-and-build professionals at Landcare today at 647-557-7307 to schedule a complimentary consultation.