Factors That Influence The Start Of Garden Construction Activities

It has customarily been accepted that the Victoria Day Weekend, or more specifically the 24th day of May, represents the time when homeowners in Southern Ontario may begin planting a vegetable and/or flower garden. This unwritten rule has been based on the assumption that winter frost has fully disappeared from the ground by that date and it is therefore safe to undertake garden construction efforts.

Of course, there is no hard-and-fast rule about the best time for garden construction actvities. The association with the Victoria Day Weekend may just be a matter of convenience since this date coincides with the first long weekend of the spring/summer and homeowners simply have an extra day and time to work in their yards and gardens.

There are many factors that will influence the start of garden construction efforts and landscape design activities. These circumstances include:

  • Local temperatures
  • The type of soil
  • The amount of moisture in the soil
  • The specific type of garden or bedding plants
  • The amount of available light in the planting area
  • Proximity to the home or other shelter

Ultimately, although it may be quite challenging to pinpoint a specific or reliable date to begin your annual garden construction activities, certain environmental conditions are indeed more favourable to ensuring a successful outcome. Regardless of when you decide to get your construction process underway, there are steps that you can take to protect your garden from the elements and nurture growth. You might also consider the professional support of a garden landscape design firm such as Landcare.

Take Appropriate Steps To Ensure The Success And Beauty Of Your Garden Construction Activities

After the protracted cold temperatures and harsh weather experienced in Toronto over the past winter, it would be very difficult to find fault with homeowners who might want to accelerate the growing season now that somewhat better weather has finally arrived.

Due to the extended winter, should you decide to begin your garden construction activities as early as possible, you will need to pay particular attention to local weather forecasts and take action accordingly. If overnight temperatures are predicted to be near or below freezing and/or there is a potential for frost formation, consider the following steps:

  • Covering the garden that has already been completed (to retain any heat in the soil)
  • Moving portable pots and planters indoors (preferably inside the house itself)
  • Watering the leaves to keep them moist (acts as insulation against frost damage)
  • Add heat under the covering blanket (use a mechanic’s light or Christmas lights)

Another way to likely ensure that your garden construction activities has the best chance of success is to utilize the services of a company such as Landcare.

Landcare’s experts recognize the intricacies of garden landscape design, including:

  • Growing conditions (environmental/weather-related)
  • Soil and soil bed conditions
  • Balancing aesthetic appeal and functionality
  • Plant colours and compatibility
  • Working with available light
  • Proper sloping and drainage
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Dealing with excessive heat and/or drought

And their professional experience in combination with a customized design will create a landscape that meets and exceeds your expectations and will also be the envy of your neighbourhood.

To professionally address your garden landscape design needs this season and beyond, call the Landcare team today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to request a consultation and get the planting and landscape processes underway as soon as possible.