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Balmoral Avenue Condominium, Midtown Toronto

Commercial property Maintenance Toronto - South Hill


This beautiful property is located in the downtown Toronto area and uses Landcare’s four season Commercial Property Maintenance division to meet its high standard of care. Our plant professionals choose the best plants that fit well in the site including hosta, yew, boxwood, hydrangea and lots of different varieties of perennials, shrubs, evergreen, ornamental grasses, and gorgeous seasonal urns The dramatic water feature and pergola are design focal points, but the extensive gardens create an oasis rarely found in a large urban centre. Circular and rectangular design ideas are used to match the existing European style building.  Four season landscape maintenance is provided by Landcare for the site including annual plantings and seasonal urns, snow removal and deicing.  We are on call to the property managers, happy to help to create an aesthetically pleasing living space for tenants. The site gets additional value because of the high-end commercial landscape maintenance by Landcare.