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Colin Ave Landscape Project – Midtown Toronto

Avenue Road and Eglington, Midtown Toronto

Nestled amidst the quiet elegance of a red brick facade, Landcare created a landscape design for this stately house that reflected the homeowners desire to have a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. Easy to maintain and tidy in aesthetic. This home has Stone steps that lead to the substantial front door which is now flanked by flower-filled urns, brimming with vibrant blooms that provide a warm and inviting welcome.

A seamless interlocking driveway, reminiscent of cobblestone continues uninterrupted to the entrance steps. Dividing the driveway from the lush lawn is a gracefully curved garden bed, a verdant ribbon that adds a touch of separation while maintaining an overall sense of spaciousness.

In this carefully structured garden, colours and textures are repeated for maximum impact and a sense of orderliness. Mass plantings of pink hydrangeas create a soothing backdrop, bordered by the precise geometry of boxwood hedges. The annually planted red geraniums introduce a lively burst of colour that homeowners can change each year. Discreet garden lighting gently illuminate the path to the front door, casting a soft and welcoming glow on the intricate landscape.

The rear yard, a haven of relaxation, reveals a cedar deck with black iron spindles, providing an ideal space for outdoor gatherings and tranquil moments of contemplation. A few steps down leads to a stone patio, that enables homeowners to entertain al fresco.

The rear lawn, expansive and verdant, is embraced by elegantly curved shade gardens that evoke a naturalistic aura. Japanese Maples sway gracefully in the breeze, while the Japanese grass adds a touch of wild beauty. Coleus and Rhododendron bring layers of texture and color, creating a tapestry of foliage that changes with the seasons.

Along the fence line, sturdy cedar trees provide privacy as they mature into a dense hedge. This landscape design is a testament to thoughtful harmony, where architectural elements and botanical wonders combine to create a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, a testament to the refined tastes of its homeowners.

Nature is always trying to return to its wild state, so it is vital that a newly landscaped property be properly maintained, less it will start to become overgrown and lose its shape.  Landcare offers a variety of services depending how much or little a homeowner wants to be involved in their property. We do urn and annual planting, we provide four season service that includes spring clean up, detaching, top dress, seed and fertilize of lawn and turf, garden weeding and mulch, leaf blowing/raking and removal, pruning, and more. Our subcontractors take care of the irrigation and lighting maintenance, but it’s all managed by Landcare