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The Queensway

etobicoke commercial property

Etobicoke Commercial Maintenance Property

This commercial property is located in the Etobicoke area. It has a high-quality commercial landscape design with clean and organized turf; four season flower interests; raised plant beds; stonework and paver walkways. As a Toronto Landscaper and maintenance company for over 25 years, Landcare know how to work with property managers, taking  ideas from the existing landscape, then choosing right annuals, perennials or shrub plants for the property, and selecting them according to colour, texture, sunlight and moisture levels of the soil. We also choose the right colour and texture of mulch for the plant beds. Landcare’s commercial maintenance programs for high-quality properties include clean up of the site, removing garbage around the landscape, snow moving and de-icing during the winter,  autumn foliage clean up and spring turf and garden prep and reconditioning.