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Avenue Road Condominium and Townhome

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 Commercial Property Maintenance

Avenue Road Condominium and Townhome. This Avenue Road Condominium and Townhome is located in Downtown Toronto.  Like in other Landcare service areas, Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga and GTA  it has received Landcare’s Commercial Property Maintenance division high quality service.  We keep these properties looking pristine.  Seasonal Urns welcome in residents and visitors.  Spring flowers offer hope of a summer to come, colourful summer urns and gardens can be made custom to preference of colour and plant material while winter urns turn the bleak cold exterior into a festive and pleasant reminder of the beauty of snowy urban landscape.  Autumn cabbages and Mums are added in the late summer months to extend the beauty of these landscapes.  Keeping commercial properties looking their best can include, mulch, aeration of lawns, fertilizer of garden beds and grass, blowing off of patios and walkways, edging, annual plantings, pruning, deadheading and garbage pick up.  Landcare’s Winter maintenance crews offer snow plowing, shovelling and application of de-icing matter to keep residents safe throughout Toronto’s harsh snowy winters.  Our commercial snow plowing crews have been maintaining Toronto’s commercial properties for more than 25 years.  Offering the very best winter service possible.

Toronto Commercial landscapes require both lawn care and garden design to create a welcoming and a pleasing home environment.  Especially like this Avenue Road Condominium and Townhome full of many families and individuals.  Landcare’s Commercial Property Maintenance Division works in Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga and GTA. We provide high quality lawn maintenance, debris and/or garbage clean up, fertilizer, mulch, garden planting and edging along driveways provides a tidy vibrant landscape. Winter maintenance includes plowing and application of de-icing products that keep residences safe and winter bearable. Properties hire Landcare because it is an award winning Landscape and Property Maintenance Company with year round service. Landcare is fully insured and has skilled staff with the required certifications to provide the highest quality of workmanship.  These certifications including but are not limited to; Landscape Industry Certified Technicians, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, Fusion Certification (Storm Water Runoff), Accredited Green Roof Professional, ICIP Certified, and more. Landcare also has extensive equipment including excavators, tractors, snow blowers and sweepers as well as a fleet of trucks that can tackle both Summer and Winter maintenance and construction.   Over 30 years of experience and skilled crews puts us on the preferred list of many of Toronto’s Condominiums. 

For Avenue Road Condominium and Townhome, and more, click here to learn more about our Commercial Landscaping process.