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Albermarle Avenue Green Roof, Riverdale Toronto

Green Roofs, rooftop garden - Riverdale

Landcare is a certified Green Roof contractor. We also work with architects and roofers who need help with installation. Toronto, Ontario is a city full of rooftops waiting to be beautified through landscaping. This is particularly true with Toronto’s Condominium community. Our commercial construction division builds rooftop arbours, dining areas, seating and gathering areas, water features and more. Rooftop landscapes and/or gardens add square footage to any property whether it be commercial or residential.  This Landcare installed simple oasis has a view of our world class city, it reduces storm water runoff and reduces the carbon footprint and cooling expenses for this building.  Rebates for residential homeowners incentivize homeowners to consider green or cool roof options while bylaw require new commercial construction over 2000 square metres to include a Green roof. This is part of The City of Toronto Climate Action plan. Our landscape design crew included garden plants that can withstand the elements while creating an inviting retreat from the usual interior work and/or living space.  We offer maintenance packages to keep the green roof plants material healthy and to inspect drains and rooftop seasonally. This roof was installed with low maintenance, as well as daytime and evening enjoyment in mind. Let us give you a new view from your property. Check out some other rooftops that Landcare created.