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220 Roncesvalles Avenue – Polish Credit Union

Toronto Commercial Property Maintenance - Roncesvalles Village

This West End Toronto commercial property required landscape design and commercial property maintenance. Garden enhancements, planting and Maintenance of this Toronto commercial property shows the power of plants to beautify your urban landscape.  Roncesvalles is a Toronto community of neighbours and keeping that feeling in the Credit Union’s exterior makes it a welcoming spot to sit and do business.  Mulch keeps the weeds down and fertilizer keeps the plants blooming.  Landcare is a landscape company that considers your company’s visual impact on a neighbourhood as well as the conditions your gardens and lawns are growing in.  This full sun garden design incorporates perennial favourites like echinacea/purple cone flower and daisy.  Winter commercial snow maintenance includes snow plowing, shovelling and the application of de-icing products that keep public pathways, parking and doorways clear of snow and ice and provide safe passage through Toronto’s cold snowy winters.  Our commercial winter crews provide the best possible service even in the worst conditions.