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47 St. Clair – Yonge and St Clair Neighbourhood

Toronto, Ontario Commercial maintenance, rooftop gardens - Moore Park

47 St. Clair – Yonge and St Clair Neighbourhood. This Toronto commercial property was redesigned and refreshed by Landcare’s Commercial Landscape division which also installs and cares for greenroofs and rooftop gardens.  The terraces at 47 St. Clair in Downtown Toronto boasts lush gardens and interlocking brick walkways.  The walls are softened by ivy and raised beds and planters with mass plantings enclosed in boxwood edging.  Garden design show a balance plan with the structure of hardscaping and an abundance of plant materials, urns and seating area.  The design gives a secret garden entrance to a residence that includes a fabulous rooftop design to envy.  Overlooking a spectacular view of Toronto’s skyline, this property has full sun gardens in the sky.  Daisies, purple cone flower, paintbrush are some of the heat happy perennial plants that the resident’s get to enjoy on their rooftop perch.  Landcare’s commercial property maintenance crews keep these unique gardens looking their best year after year. Properties hire Landcare because it is an award winning Landscape and Property Maintenance Company with year round service. Landcare is fully insured and has skilled staff with the required certifications to provide the highest quality of workmanship.  These certifications including but are not limited to; Landscape Industry Certified Technicians, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, Fusion Certification (Storm Water Runoff), Accredited Green Roof Professional, ICIP Certified, and more. Landcare also has extensive equipment including excavators, tractors, snow blowers and sweepers as well as a fleet of trucks that can tackle both Summer and Winter maintenance and construction.

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47 St. Clair – Yonge and St Clair Neighbourhood. This Commercial Property by Landcare stands as a beacon of excellence in Toronto’s commercial landscaping arena. In the dynamic urban landscape of Downtown Toronto, EtobicokeNorth YorkMississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Landcare’s Commercial Property Maintenance Division thrives in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of high-rise condominiums and residential complexes. Catering to the diverse needs of numerous families and individuals, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming and pleasing home environment.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the comprehensive range of services we offer. From meticulous lawn maintenance and garden design to debris and garbage cleanup, fertilizer application, mulching, and precise garden planting and driveway edging, our team ensures a tidy and vibrant landscape that resonates with the unique characteristics of each property. In the harsh Winter months, our services extend to snow plowing and the application of de-icing products, ensuring not only the visual appeal but also the safety and functionality of the residences.

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