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Binscarth Road, Rosedale Toronto

property maintenance, landscape design, garden design, - Rosedale

This Rosedale residential property is located in a mature treed Neighbourhood in Toronto. A Contemporary design by Landcare’s landscape design team blends the home’s more traditional architecture.  Rather than creating disharmony, the modern and traditional elements complement each other.   The birch trees and ornamental grasses have aspects of a natural landscape in a rural setting.   Retaining them within the planters gives them a smart urban appeal.  The landing allows for water runoff and the use of pea gravel provides another hint of a woodland path.  Landcare’s maintenance services make this property stand out in the neighbourhood. A high –end landscape design provides lots of different unusual plant species, high-quality hardscape materials and right concept match to the existing building. Seasonal landscape maintenance jobs are also provided by Landcare including lawn care, garden care, site clean-up, and seasonal urn planting. Landcare has one of the most professional landscape team in the Toronto area and provides top landscape design, build and maintenance services for both residential and commercial sites in the Toronto area.