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Campbell Avenue, The Junction Forest Retreat


Toronto’s Junction Neighbourhood. Serene Shaded Backyard with River Rock Lined Flagstone Path and Patio

This urban property echos the tranquil essence of Northern Ontario’s natural beauty. This client used Landcare to create an outdoor oasis that seamlessly blends elegance and rustic charm, and provides a harmonious connection to the surrounding landscape.

The dappled sunlight filters through the lush canopy of mature trees where you find a rustic meandering patio that moves you from front to back in this small yard. ┬áThe combination of dry laid Flagstone and river rocks keep this space connected to nature. The gravel allows for water absorption and prevents flooding. The serene meandering of the path is not unlike the essence of Northern Ontario’s natural rivers and streams. These carefully placed rocks not only serve as a functional border but also as a visual reminder of the region’s picturesque water features. The sound of water is included in this design. A globe water feature trickles in the background. A soothing sound for homeowners and a fun sensory addition for young children.

Shad tolerant plants will grow in to create an even more lush space where the homeowners can enjoy coffee in the morning and/or evening. This spacious retreat offers a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and entertaining. The natural variations in the flagstone’s earthy tones blend seamlessly with the landscape, inviting you to unwind and embrace the peaceful ambiance. A new deck provides structure near the back door of the house and includes built in planters, a bench and dining area. ┬áThe yard provides a magical space in which the homeowners young children can feel sheltered and explore. In the evening, solar charged lighting enhances the woodland feel. In the far corner, a Japanese Maple has been planted to add colour and visual height. As it grows it will draw the eye from the home to the rear of the garden space and serve as a pop of colour in fall and an interesting shape in winter.

Our expert landscape design team has thoughtfully transformed this space into a shaded backyard retreat that pays homage to the captivating beauty of Northern Ontario. Through meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for detail, we’ve created a haven that captures the essence of the region’s landscape, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature without ever leaving your property. Perfect for a young family.