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Forest Hill Contemporary Landscape Design

Contemporary Design in a Mature Canopy

This modern family wanted Landcare’s design team to give them a contemporary landscape design where they could entertain without giving up a space that was also kid friendly. The long poured concrete driveway was kept minimalist, simple and tidy so that the architecture of the house becomes the showcase. Running along one side of the driveway is crushed gravel and along the other side is grass. These together absorb the storm water runoff and feed the trees and gardens.
The backyard of the property has the added value of mature trees extending to the far reaches of the yard. This feature can seem ideal for a traditional style patio, gardens etc. however, Landcare has managed to create a minimalist contemporary landscape design by including a poured concrete patio while still harnessing the intimacy of the canopy. A modern dining area, and giant nest-like lounger and seating area meet the adult needs for entertaining, while the long expanse of artificial turf complete with soccer net provides hours of fun for the kids. The home boasts an extra large door system that provides a link from indoors to outside to maximize the use of yard throughout the summer and fall months. This Toronto landscape design is summer and winter friendly. All year round there is visual interest and the addition of heating lamps means this family can enjoy their backyard all autumn, right up to when the snow falls. The kids can play soccer on their artificial turf and basket ball on the concrete driveway. The mature forest that makes up the furthest portion of the property, keeps the patio and soccer field cool and shaded all summer long.