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Hamilton Avenue – Contemporary design in a small space

Backyard contemporary upscale design in a small space

A small footprint doesn’t mean you can’t have it all.  This four season, contemporary living space includes a bbq area, hot tub, lounge area with water feature, as well as a dining area.  The warm wood walls are built horizontally but are balanced by the strong verticle elements which include the posts, the existing mature tree, the cascading wall of water, and many natural elements.  The yard is divided into zones that allow multiple uses but the repeat of materials and colours prevents a feeling of business.  The subtle lighting and warm tones allow the space to flow seamlessly together.  the homeowner wasn’t interested in maintaining grass, so incredibly realistic artificial turf is used at the far end of the property. Heating has been added to the space in order to extend the living space almost to four seasons.  Silk grasses provide interest but no work and tile and composite floorboards create a long lasting design and ease of use.