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HIgh Park Neighbourhood Reno

landscape design improves curb appeal

Landcare’s landscape designer was given the task of creating a modern raised bed that would provide some separation from the sidewalk to the home, as well as add visual interest and flow to the front door. The walkway efficiently and safely travels from the side driveway to a platform and garden area, where it then turns to head up the front walkway/porch. The homeowners were updating the interior of the home and its exterior paint colours. The grey accents are echoed in the stonework and the wood porch and step are echoed in the wooden wall that shows the house number and divides the raised bed from the walkway.
Landscape lighting illuminates the walkways, house number, and garden features. A metal surround gives the raised bed a more contemporary feel than a stone retaining wall would, while still tying into the traditional architecture of the neighbourhood. Sun happy plants including grasses and lavender will thrive in this full sun garden.