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Hogarth Avenue

multi purpose family yard

“The homeowners of this property wanted to maintain the natural charm of their backyard while creating clear zones for the whole family to enjoy.  Functionality and inclusivity were key to the project.  Mature trees were already established and required careful consideration concerning design and installation.  The cedar deck area wraps around the existing trees while others are incorporated into gardens as focal points. The design integrates three distinct areas in a relatively small footprint; a sports area for soccer and pets; an intimate area under the mature trees for entertaining and an easily accessible dining area on a raised deck that overlooks the property. The flow and connection between these zones are created not only by using natural stone, cedar planks, and abundant plantings but also by choosing to use softer shapes.  The gardens beds and pathways meander allowing the yard to feel larger as you travel leisurely from one end to the other.  Irrigation ensures that the gardens will remain healthy and full, while atmospheric night lighting enables the homeowners to extend their time spent in the yard late into the evening.  Artificial turf was chosen for the soccer area as traditional grass would not withstand the constant traffic. It’s important to note that the grassy area is multifunctional and allows the homeowner’s entertaining area to expand when needed.  The kitchen has an extra large sliding door that allows the family to look out over the yard so four seasons were considered. Spring bulbs will arrive as the snow melts, evergreens will provide structure and visual interest during the winter, and garden plants are timed to provide colour throughout summer and fall. This new backyard feels instantly mature and welcoming while promising to be timeless in its design.”