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Naturalized Woodland Garden Project

Landcare designed this naturalized woodland inspired garden for this Leaside homeowners who wanted to create a perennial garden where ornamental grasses, hostas, day lilies and sun/shade plants will grow robustly. The new gardens are heavily mulched for weed suppression.  Dry laid Flagstone, stone bench and succulents add to the forest feel.

Since nature is always trying to return to its wild state it is vital that a newly landscaped property be properly maintained. Even in a woodland garden that is suppose to have a certain amount of wildness, neglect to shaping grasses, mulching and keeping walkways clear will allow overgrowth and a loss of form.  Landcare offers a variety of services depending how much or little a homeowner wants to be involved in their property. We do year round urn and annual planting, we provide 4 season service that includes spring clean up, detaching, top dress, seed and fertilize of lawn and turf, garden weeding and mulch, leaf blowing/raking and removal, pruning, and more. Our subcontractors take care of the irrigation and lighting maintenance, but it’s all managed by Landcare.