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King City (for Altius Architecture)

Pool side gardens, modern design

This King City home was designed by Toronto’s Altius Architecture and it’s landscape’s construction  and garden design was done by Landcare.  This incredible property was showcased in The National Post issue from March 2015. Modern architecture and naturalized gardens blend beautifully.  The gardens have a crisp modern layout but with references to the surrounding rugged rural environment of King Township.  Plants chosen for this project provide various greens and contrasting shapes and year round visual interest.  The vertical lines of the grasses sing when surrounded by the roundness of the boulders, cone shaped evergreens and the chartreuse green of the low pile evergreen ground cover. Massive boulders and birch trees add sculptural impact that appears simple. Through the balance of tension and calm; tension in shape, calm in it’s limited palette, this marriage of home and garden is perfect.   Throughout the property, full sun gardens appropriate for hot drought like conditions are planted.  In the property’s backyard, there are raised bed and dramatic gardens as well as gardens carved into the expanse of concrete patios dividing a lounging area from the dining area and overlooking the grand infinity pool.  The wood used in the home’s cladding (designed by Altius), is echoed in the patio surrounding the pool area.   These two space are tied together in a harmonious way, creating balance between the softness of wood and the hardness of concrete.   The view beyond the stylish leisure area is a beautiful expanse of the rural hills and trees of King Township.  Landcare has created a balance between the two spaces and the homeowner gets the benefit of a modern and a rural experience.  All the gardens are designed to be easy to maintained and resistant to drought, summer heat and winter colds.  The mix of evergreen ground cover and perennials provides year round interest.  This space was once cold and designed with numerous roman statues surrounding it, giving it a grecian appearance.  Now it looks like a five star modern resort.