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Old Mill

Residential Building with traditional gardens

Landcare’s Toronto Commercial Landscaping Division was tasked with designing and installing a new driveway and new walkways at this traditional multiplex residence.  Landcare balanced the traditional aesthetic with modern materials to enhance this condo’s curb appeal while ensuring its residents are able to park and walk the property safely year-round. Located in the heart of a residential neighbourhood, the property fits in with garden beds and pathways that look like they are part of a single owner dwelling.  Mulch and edging along garden beds and the driveway, along with with easy to maintain shade annuals and hydrangeas create tidy lovely garden beds. Interlock pathways and stairs are in a natural stone grey but are edged in a darker brick to define the jagged edge and give more visual appeal.  Curved raised garden beds wrap around and soften the corners of the building to contrast the central path, giving a more interesting experience as you walk the property.  The evergreens on the property allow this property owner to grow rhododendrons in among the hostas along the stairway to the front door.  All of these plantings contribute to the illusion of a manor home in the country.