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Ridge Drive

Toronto landscape design

This home needed a Toronto landscaping company that would marry the traditional red brick facade with a modern design. Updated oversized wide pathway in Techno-Bloc stone and matching front steps in grey nickel are welcoming and increase the home’s curb appeal. The design includes a retaining wall (also in Techno-Bloc), a contemporary garden with repeating mass plantings that balance the walkway, and also provides colour and textural contrast beneath the mature Japanese Maple. Landcare’s garden designer brought in a master horticulturist to help relocate the Japanese Maple in order to keep any stress or damage to a minimum. It now provides the perfect complement and ties visually to the red brick facade of the house; acting as a focal point rather than being lost in the landscape. This Toronto garden design includes a modern use of various grasses including Autumn Feather Reed Grass, Himalayan Fountain Grass, and Japanese Forest Grass. Also included in the garden design are Coral Mackie Daphne, Korean Spice Verbenum, and False Spirea. A spring flowering Saskatoon Berry provides spring interest, yews maintain winter interest and Three Beech Trees are planted to act as natural screening between the property and the neighbour. Use of Hydrangeas nod to the more traditional gardens one would expect from this home’s era/design. In order to highlight the modern feel, each garden bed is contained by retaining walls built in Techno-Bloc stone rather than the more traditional rockery. Mulch gardens keep the weeds and maintenance to a minimum and the manicured lawn is neatly edged.
Two modern planters with boxwood topiaries flank the curved front door portico, adding contrast in shape but tying in the landscape’s design through their grey colour (similar to stone) and through their minimalist style.