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Our Knowledge Will Form A Well-Balanced Cohesive Design

Garden Landscape DesignLandscaping has a strong effect on our well-being and sense of pride in our home. The decisions we make in regard to styles, color and overall appearance are personal and the aesthetic of the garden construction should reflect that individuality. The artistry of plants is a highly evolved skill. The designer needs to know what plants grow in our Toronto weather conditions, how they look, how they feel, how they smell and how they work together.

Creating a landscape design puts your ideas on the page, allowing you to make informed decisions that will best suit your space. Factors such as light levels, moisture, slopes, existing plant material, garden construction, and maintenance are all aspects taken into account when deciding what options would best suit your property.

Advantages of Landcare:

– Environmentally sensitive, organic first company
– Committed to client satisfaction
– Professional experience creating professional results
– Progressive thinking with an eye for future results
– All custom tailored design

Landcare employs only landscape designers who will give you a great experience, great suggestions and make the process enjoyable. Our talented staff in Toronto will create an accurate base plan, layout the concept with a mix of aesthetics and function and then choose appropriate plant material. Each design and garden construction process is unique and works with your style and budget. Our knowledge and your desires will form a well-balanced cohesive garden design.