Garden Landscaping Requires Special Attention In The Summer Months

Landscape MaintenanceAfter a seemingly endless wait for the winter snow and ice to disappear, a change in the seasons has finally given homeowners the opportunity to enjoy some nice weather in the privacy of their yard and garden. The return of spring and summer weather also means that these same homeowners must also dedicate some of their leisure time to garden landscaping activities, which can undoubtedly be more enjoyable for some Toronto residents than for others.

In addition, responsibilities of garden landscaping in Toronto cannot just be confined to the early spring when the ground is softer, temperatures are generally lower, and rainfall can be expected. As spring turns to summer and temperatures rise, a garden may in fact need more maintenance time/effort to keep it healthy, flourishing, and, in essence, protected from the heat and humidity of Toronto in July and August.

There are several facets to garden care, maintenance, and landscaping that should be addressed over the summer months. This level of attention will encompass:

  • Soil foundation/quality – Using compost, fertilizers, mulch, and of course, water
  • Continuous weeding – Different weeds appear at different times of the year
  • Pruning/trimming – At different points in the season based on species of plant/tree
  • Deadheading – Removing faded or spent flowers to encourage more new growth
  • Watering – Customarily one inch of water per week (including any rainfall)
  • Pest control – Monitoring for/elimination of mosquitoes, aphids, beetles, etc.
  • Disease control – Treatments/spraying to remove fungus, rust disease, root rot

Sometimes, homeowners may find it challenging to balance the time and responsibilities required for summer garden landscaping with other leisure activities that they want to enjoy in and around Toronto during that same period – after all, summer can seem all too short before the winter weather inevitably returns. For this reason, it may be advisable to invest in professional garden landscaping services, such as the knowledgeable care and attention available from Landcare, one of the leading providers of such services in Toronto and the GTA.

There Are Many Reasons To Consider The Option Of Garden Maintenance Services

For individuals and families who enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a garden but just do not have the time, the proper tools, and/or the inclination for detailed care and upkeep, a professional landscape maintenance service may be the answer.

There could be many reasons for homeowners in Toronto to contemplate and/or require a garden maintenance service, including:

  • A preference to spend some leisure time away from home – at a cottage, trailer, etc.
  • The choice to dedicate some personal time to amateur sports or volunteer work
  • An illness, injury, or post-surgical recovery time that limits/restricts physical activity
  • Evenings/weekends spent supporting children or family in their pursuits and interests
  • Operating an independent business six days or perhaps even seven days a week
  • Holding the type of employment that requires/demands considerable travel time
  • To make the home look occupied while the family is taking an extended vacation
  • The property is just too big to manage garden maintenance/landscaping needs
  • A desire to enjoy the many recreational and entertainment venues within Toronto

Capitalizing on the knowledge and skills of the Landcare experts will allow you to enjoy the best of two worlds, in a manner of speaking – while your garden landscaping needs are being addressed with professional care, you can allocate more leisure time to delighting in other summertime pursuits in or away from Toronto.

Enjoy more time for leisure activities by entrusting all your garden landscaping needs to a professional service in Toronto. Call the Landcare experts today at 416-410-0320 to request a no-obligation consultation.