There Are Good Reasons to Contract Landscape Design Services in the Winter

Landscaping In TorontoWhile the chilly temperatures and the threat of snow at almost any moment are strong signs that winter has now arrived in the Toronto area, these weather elements are also signs that the time is upon us to begin your garden and landscape design plans for next spring. That’s right – planning your gardens and landscaping now for next year and booking your professional landscape design services as soon as possible.

Planning garden and landscape design modifications or upgrades well in advance of the actual construction/building season provides several opportunities, advantages, and benefits. These include:

  • Better chances of scheduling landscape design services earlier in the spring
  • More time to develop the plan/devise changes to existing landscape design
  • Sufficient lead-time for the landscaping services to obtain plants or materials
  • An extended opportunity to budget/save before the landscaping work begins
  • Potential savings benefits from off-season, early-bird, or promotional discounts

Another aspect that may fuel the urge to plan ahead in terms of garden and landscape design changes relate to the state of the economy. With the costs of vacation travel and/or owning and maintaining a summer property perhaps exceeding the limits of their budgets, more homeowners are turning to so-called stay-at-home vacations by investing in their own backyards. Such projects might include:

  • Integration of natural stone structures/landscaping
  • Construction of gazebos or other shade shelters
  • Incorporating ponds, lighting, etc. within gardens
  • Concrete and/or interlocking stone patios/walkways
  • Creating outdoor cooking and entertainment areas

For any work of this scope and magnitude, homeowners may find it beneficial to contract the services of a professional landscape design firm, like the experts from Landcare. An experienced landscape design company can provide valuable insight into several aspects pertaining to modifying or upgrading garden or property landscaping, including:

  • Design concepts and ideas
  • Enhancing curb appeal/property value
  • Overall horticultural knowledge
  • Working with natural land contours
  • Construction strategies/requirements
  • Permits and local bylaws
  • Budgets, materials, and timelines

For homeowners intent on changing or upgrading their garden and landscape design in the spring, capitalizing on the landscape design services provided by Landcare can lead to significant benefits in terms of budgeting, planning, and time management – as well as the anticipation of enjoying their new landscape next year.

Assuring Your Complete Satisfaction With Your Garden And Landscape Design

Working with our experienced designers from Landcare can ensure that your landscape modifications are both captured accurately and installed with the professional workmanship you expect to bring your new property design to life.

The scope of our landscape design services consist of:

Client consultation

  • To discuss style/materials preferences, budgets, anticipated timelines

Preparation of a design contract

Site inspection

  • Including photos, measurements, and assessment of existing landscaping

Concept drawings

  • Foundation plantings and hardscaping if/as required

Client review

  • To discuss additional recommendations and/or potential changes

Preparation of final landscaping plan

  • Including plants/materials, construction details, necessary permits

Preparation of final estimate

  • A detailed outline of costs for materials, installation, permits, etc.
  • Also includes timelines for initiation and completion of the work
  • If requested, can also contain estimate for optional maintenance plan

Ensuring the lasting appeal and enjoyment of your landscape design takes a keen attention to detail across all phases of the project – planning, installation, and maintenance. Since you are essentially investing in both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property, Our services will assure your satisfaction at every step along the way.

To ensure that your landscape design ideas are planned and installed with quality workmanship and impeccable attention to detail, call the experts at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to request your no-obligation consultation.