How to Build or Reconstruct a Home Garden

Garden Construction May Present a Welcome Challenge for Many Homeowners

garden constructionAlthough the prolonged cold and bitter winds during the first few months of this calendar year made it seem like winter might never end, well, it has – and the long-anticipated spring weather has finally arrived.  And along with this change in seasons from winter to spring, another season has arrived – garden landscaping season.

Garden centres and nurseries are teeming with homeowners looking for plants, bushes, trees, earth, mulch, and much more as they endeavour to refresh their properties after a particularly long and often unpleasant winter.  However, while all of these individuals are shopping in the same types of locations and for the same types of home garden landscaping items, they could have entirely different reasons for making their specific purchases, including:

  • Simply maintaining/restoring their existing garden landscaping
  • Updating old/tired landscaping with a more contemporary look
  • Replacing unappealing landscaping by the previous homeowner
  • Extensive original garden construction for a newly-built home

In terms of the materials that are most commonly used for constructing/reconstructing a wooden deck, homeowners can choose from the following based on personal preference, inclination for maintenance, and budget:

Whatever the motivation, the ultimate objective is fundamentally the same – to create a garden landscape that is lush, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing to them and to all who visit or pass by their property.

In those instances where new garden construction or significant garden reconstruction is the intended course of action, garden centre shopping should not/cannot take place in a haphazard or spontaneous manner but rather on the basis of a pre-defined plan.  Since a substantial amount of time, and likely a fair bit of money too, are going to be invested, it stands to reason that a design or a blueprint should be drawn or sketched first, and then followed unfailingly in order to achieve optimal return and results.

This schematic/blueprint should be prepared to scale and should also include details on:

  • The types of plants and/or shrubs to be purchased
  • Where they will be situated throughout the garden
  • The amounts of soil, compost, and mulch required
  • Any tools and accessories that may also be needed

Armed with all of the above, homeowners should be ready to implement their garden construction projects in the following manner:

  • Lay out/clearly mark the area(s) to be addressed
    • Use a line of baking flour or a flexible item like string or a garden hose
  • Thoroughly remove any existing sod or grass tufts
    • Dig with a spade or sod cutter rather than trying to pull it out manually
  • Dig or turn the soil to remove any rocks, roots, or general debris
    • Mix in compost and/or soil to improve nutrition/growing conditions
  • Clearly establish the garden edges to delineate it from the lawn
    • Dig a trench (6-8” deep) or install edging material along the perimeter
  • Distribute the plants and/or shrubs according to the blueprint
    • Do not plant – assess it visually to ensure the look ‘passes inspection’
  • Once all plants/shrubs are sited as desired, proceed with planting
    • Remember to gently loosen the roots first if bound in a pot/container
  • Spread mulch to deter weeds and to retain soil moisture content
    • The layer of mulch should be approximately two inches thick/deep
  • Water thoroughly and regularly for at least the first two weeks
    • Water every other day during this period unless nature steps in

For some homeowners/amateur gardeners, the above process will present a worthy and worthwhile challenge to turn their current property/landscaping into the garden of their dreams.  For others, though, time and/or inclination could be impediments to performing their own garden landscaping.  In these latter instances, the respective property owners may benefit from employing the services of a professional garden landscaping provider such as Landcare.

Have Garden Landscaping Designed and Installed by Landcare’s Expert Crews

Garden landscaping is significantly more extensive and intricate than merely digging a few holes and filling them with plants or shrubs.  As intimated above, a sizeable amount of thought and planning are needed in order to achieve the best/most desirable results.  Contracting the services of a professional landscaping provider such as Landcare may offer homeowners the greatest likelihood for success in this regard.

There are several stages involved in Landcare’s garden construction or reconstruction process, consisting of the following:

  • Site surveying
  • Idea generation
  • Design of a master plan
  • Building the garden based on that plan
  • Maintenance via regular follow-up/service

Each step/stage of this process is completed by Landcare staff or crews with expertise in the respective aspects or disciplines, thereby ensuring a high level of competence and quality craftsmanship from start to finish – and beyond.

If a garden construction or reconstruction initiative is a priority for your property this season, let the Landcare experts handle all elements of the project on your behalf.  Call Landcare today at 647-557-7307 to get our comprehensive process underway as soon as possible.