Garden Pond Landscaping

Add the Ambience and Beauty of a Pond to Your Backyard Landscaping

For many homeowners, sitting outdoors on their back deck/patio and enjoying a hot or cold beverage constitutes the idyllic end to their day.  This form of relaxation might also include catching up with family members on their day’s activities, listening to a baseball game on the radio, watching the sunset, and/or admiring their gardens and landscaping.

This certainly does paint the picture of a peaceful and serene setting, and one that may be the envy of the neighbourhood as well.  And, through the combination of imagination, proper planning, and attention to detail, such a panorama can be even further enhanced with the construction of a backyard pond.

In addition to its ambience, well-planned pond landscaping can attract birds, butterflies, and frogs, offering an added natural dimension to the overall atmosphere.  Incorporating the facility for moving/running water will help in minimizing the attraction of mosquitoes, providing a measure of added comfort as well.

When imagining and planning the addition/inclusion of a pond within their overall garden landscaping, it will be important for homeowners to take the following into consideration

  • Location
    • A level area of the yard
    • Direct exposure to sunlight
    • Away from overhanging trees
    • Clearly visible (safety reasons)
  • Type/Style
    • Overall size and depth
    • Pre- or free-formed shape
    • Soft/pliable or hard plastic liner
  • Features/Amenities
    • Lighting elements
    • Fountains, waterfalls
    • In-pond plants or flora
    • Natural stone landscaping
    • Adjacent garden landscaping

From the standpoint of construction, a macro view of the process will require attention to detail with the following:

  • Thorough excavation of the pre-determined area
  • Ensuring that top of this opening is level all-around
  • Levelling/preparing the base and flat/terraced areas
    • Use sand only (for free-form) or sand-on-gravel
  • Installing the lining, ensuring that it is smooth/secure
  • Installations of the pump, hose, and all electrical lines
  • Concealing the pump and the hose from obvious sight
  • Landscaping the perimeter and adjoining area/gardens

For homeowners who might relish the challenge, pond landscaping can be completed in a do-it-yourself fashion.  It is important to note that the project does require a fair degree of manual labour and will likely take more time than a single afternoon.  Furthermore, as with any type of excavation, care must be applied to locate and avoid any underground wires and cables.

For others, though, the lack of concentrated time and/or the disinclination to tackle such a project should not be impediments to enjoying the beauty and ambience of garden and pond landscaping.  In such circumstances, they have the option of calling on the services of a professional landscaping provider such as Landcare.

Expert Garden and Pond Landscaping That Exceeds All Your Expectations

Adding a feature such as a pond to existing landscaping can transform a backyard into a veritable haven for enjoyment and relaxation.  Engaging in the construction of a pond, in a do-it-yourself manner or through the support of a professional landscaping service like Landcare, can add character to a yard by providing or creating any/all of the following:

  • Soothing sounds
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • A natural habitat for wildlife
  • Awe-inspiring dramatic effect

Engaging the Landcare team in pond landscaping and construction provides homeowners with the insight and expert workmanship they will need to ensure a finished product that meets all of their expectations and more.  To deliver on their commitment to customer satisfaction, the Landcare process encompasses all aspects of such projects from start to finish, in turn segmented into these phases:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Maintain

If you have questions about the installation of a backyard pond or garden landscaping, or need the services of an experienced landscaping contractor to construct/install these features for your property, call the experts from Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to arrange your no-obligation consultation.