Landscaping services which can alleviate backyard flooding

Landscaping Services That Can Alleviate Backyard Flooding Due to Storm Water

For many homeowners who take pride in having a well-maintained property, summer is a season of dichotomy.  While the sunshine and warm temperatures allow homeowners the opportunity to proudly display and enjoy the fruits of their labours, nasty storms and extreme weather conditions can quickly suppress the pleasure that can be derived from a well-kept garden landscape in Toronto.

One such consequence of summer weather patterns is the accumulation of storm water after heavy rainfall, resulting in backyard flooding.  Sometimes, rain can fall so quickly and heavily that it just cannot be absorbed into the ground, especially if that ground is baked rather hard by a previous heatwave, so the water simply puddles in low areas or depressions around the backyard.  Very often, it will accumulate near the foundation of the home, notably for properties that are sloped, and in/near flower beds and gardens.

There are several detrimental effects that can result when storm water accumulates on a property, especially if the situation is allowed to continue on a regular or extended basis. These include the potential for basement leaks or structural damage to the home itself as well as several deleterious/harmful effects to plants, trees, and/or garden landscaping such as:

  • Insect infestation
  • Root or crown disease
  • Wilted/discoloured foliage
  • Mineral deficiencies/toxicities
  • Thin or unsightly patches of lawn
  • Sinking/shifting of landscaping features

Whether storm water pooling has become a recent issue after many years of occupying the home or is an ‘unadvertised feature’ included with the purchase of a new home, it is of paramount importance that homeowners resolve any such issues as soon as possible.  As noted above, extensive damage can occur from recurrent storm water accumulation, so an investment in landscaping services provided by Landcare can help save money and aggravation in the long run.

There are a few options that homeowners can consider to alleviate backyard flooding:

Rain Garden – a planted or stone-covered bed designed to collect storm water and then allow the water to be slowly absorbed into the soil

Dry Well – collects and stores excess water and disperses it slowly throughout the yard over a period of several days through a series of tubes and pipes

Sump Pump – installed in a pit that permits water to collect before it is pumped out to another location some distance away

Dry Bed – a trench dug in the soil to carry accumulated water to other parts of the yard

Curtain Drain – perforated drain pipe that is surrounded by stones and covered with a filter cloth to transport water downhill and away from the yard

Yard Elevation – building up the low spots/depressions using organic mulch and topsoil

While costs will vary based on the option selected, it may be prudent for homeowners to consult with landscaping services experts, like the team from Landcare, to determine the ideal solution for their specific issues and property.  Furthermore, the importance of proper installation cannot be ignored or taken too lightly, particularly when any type of digging is to be done on a residential property.

Garden and Landscape Design Ideas to Help Eliminate Storm Water Pooling

The need to resolve storm water accumulation issues also provides homeowners with the opportunity to revisit their overall landscaping.  While there are several ways to reduce and/or redirect backyard pooling as discussed above, homeowners may wish to consult with the garden and landscape design specialists from Landcare to modify/upgrade their current landscaping and essentially eliminate the need for such measures entirely.

The Landcare designers can perform a full assessment of the situation and recommend solutions for re-grading and/or re-landscaping the property as well as adding, moving, or removing various elements to further revitalize the look and feel of the yard.  Some of the garden and landscape design ideas that may be feasible could include:

  • Re-contour of the lawn
  • Re-contour of the gardens
  • Tree planting/transplanting
  • Redesigning a deck or patio
  • Interlocking stone pathways
  • Natural stone retaining walls
  • Wood construction (shed, gazebo)

Subsequently, the Landcare construction teams have the skills and expertise to convert any and all of these ideas into reality and provide homeowners with a landscape design that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

If you are frustrated by water pooling in your backyard after heavy rainstorms, you can alleviate the problem by calling upon the landscaping services of Landcare.  Call the garden and landscape design specialists from Landcare today at 647-557-7307 to discuss the ideal solution for your property.