Landcare continues its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of ice melting products, by exclusively using liquid brine, also called “Geomelt”, which is 100% organic and biodegradable plant material (beet juice extract). As well, by applying liquid brine to rock salt also called, “Organic De-Icer or Ice Melter”.

The organic ice melter products have lower freezing and corrosion rates than other products, and due to their increased effectiveness, we are able apply less product. We have discontinued our use of calcium coated and uncoated rock salt in favour of this innovative product. Landcare is committed to reducing our environmental impact, and incorporating organic products into our general practices whenever possible. A Winter-Maintenance-Chart is attached on this page, which demonstrates the superiority of an organic ice melter.

Some of the reasons this ice melting product is preferable are as follows:

  • Environmental: liquid salt brine contains a large amount of beet juice concentrate with no chloride (the toxic compound found in salt). Dry products disperse unevenly, so there is some wasted product going off target, and sometimes onto lawns and gardens
  • Safety: Liquid brine is a direct application onto the surface of pavement, concrete, etc. that forms a bond that will not allow ice to form
  • Physical: Liquid salt brine and treated salt products are far less corrosive
  • Pets: gentler on paws. Always wash your pets’ paws after walking on winter sidewalks

Landcare also continues its efforts to reduce the environmental
impact with:

  • Management education courses like “Smart About Salt” Certification
  • Equipment purchases that allow direct liquid brine pre-storm applications (similar to what the city does on the highways) for faster melting action and less distribution wastage
  • Training all employees on proper equipment calibration and application rates
  • Experience onsite to determine what products to use under what conditions
  • Administrative record keeping to track and ensure application rates and times are followed and for defense in liability claims