Enjoy The Workmanship You Can See

With an explosion of styles, colors, and texture, over the last 50 years, interlock has really changed. For many, stone landscaping is the right choice, with price points to suit most budgets and styles to match most tastes. Let’s talk interlock.

With thousands of projects under our belt, Landcare has the depth of knowledge to incorporate stunning designs utilizing multiple products to seamlessly increase the visual impact of any interlock installation. Amongst our many accolades, associations and qualifications, we remain an Authorized Unilock Contractor. This recognition is achieved by maintaining quality installation practices and satisfied customers.

Landcare remains environmentally friendly by installing a large variety of permeable pavers allowing rain water to flow back into the earth. For many projects it becomes the only option for installation.

Landcare is set apart by:

– Installing to the manufacturers preferred method, every time
– Using only the best materials and installation techniques, standard
– Utilizing polymeric sand for jointing on every installation, standard
– Working on every project from start to finish, standard

Some ideas to consider with interlock:

– Utilize interlock as a border to asphalt to improve the look
– Utilize interlock as the main surface, with natural stone as an accent to save on budget
– Utilize multiple interlock product lines and colors to make a pattern
– Incorporate some interlock into your vertical surfaces to tie the project together
– Rejuvenate tired interlock to give it some new life

In interlocking and construction, a solid foundation is paramount. Landcare ensures that the unseen elements are meticulously installed to the highest standards, setting the groundwork for enduring workmanship. Our commitment to excellence beneath the surface ensures that the visible results not only meet but exceed expectations, providing you with lasting satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come. Trust Landcare for a foundation built on precision, durability, and the pursuit of your outdoor vision.