Landscape Design Sophistication Influences Property Values

Landscape Design ServicesThere are many people who believe that any investment in home improvements will add to the resale value of their property. While this is generally true, some renovations and upgrades may actually deter prospective buyers, particularly if such work is undertaken without much/any forethought or with designs or materials that are too restrictive to the tastes of most purchasers.

Most investment is usually done with the intention of gaining a profitable return at some point in the future. Since investors or speculators typically want to generate the highest returns possible, it would benefit them to first invest some time in determining how and where to best spend their money – nothing spells financial loss faster than an ill-advised or rash expenditure just for the sake of getting on some type of investment bandwagon.

So how does this approach apply to investments in residential or commercial property designs and/or upgrades?

Recently published reports stated that property owners can secure a higher selling price over a reduced selling period if landscape designs and property maintenance are deemed to be positives by prospective buyers (an opposite scenario also holds true).

In terms of the potential to impact residential or commercial property values, three specific aspects were studied:

  • Landscape design sophistication
  • Plant size and colour
  • Diversity of plant types

Based on more than 1000 interviews with individuals shown 16 different landscape design plans for a newly-constructed suburban home, the study demonstrated a consumer preference for the largest, most sophisticated, and most colourful landscape design, in turn reflecting the greater/higher value that they assigned to the property as a whole.

This consumer preference specifically consisted of a foundation planting (plant beds that abutted or ‘hugged’ the home) along with adjoining or adjacent planting beds and two to three larger island beds, all with curved lines. Additionally important quantitative and qualitative results and perspectives from the study included the following:

Landscape Design Sophistication

  • Accounted for 42% of the value added to the property
  • Basic ‘builder landscaping specials’ actually detracted from property values

Plant Size and Colour

  • Colourful annuals/perennials added as much as 36% to property values

Diversity of Plant Types

  • Included the combination of evergreens, flowering shrubs, annuals and perennials
  • Added 22% to the value of the home or commercial property

All of the above aspects will fundamentally contribute to curb appeal, with landscape design sophistication playing the most significant role. Investment in such curb appeal will ultimately impact the value of the property and encourage potential buyers to take a serious and in-depth look outside and inside the residential or commercial structure.

Commercial Property Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Landscape Design

Commercial Property MaintenanceWith the value of a residential or commercial property having direct correlation to the degree of landscape design sophistication, property owners looking to enhance their real estate equity should be attentive to any immediate landscaping changes or upgrades as well as long-term maintenance needs. Spending the money for short-term effect and impact could be applicable if the property was being prepared for an immediate sale, although this might seldom be the case. In the event of a longer-term plan, it may be advisable to invest in the residential or commercial property design services of a Toronto lawn care company such as Landcare.

Once the landscape design and build process is completed, Landcare can help your property retain its sophisticated and higher-value appearance with a comprehensive maintenance plan.

If you are looking for landscape design services, call the specialists at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to learn more about how we can improve the appearance and the value of your property.