Landscape Pruning And Maintenance Tips

Having a garden in your yard can truly enhance your outdoor living space. But a garden also requires regular care and maintenance in order to keep it healthy and vibrant. Landscape pruning is a task that takes knowledge, experience and the right tools for the job. Different types of plants and trees will require pruning at different times, but the following tips should get you started on proper garden care.

Keep these landscape pruning tips in mind to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful:

  • The Proper Tools – If you have a sizable yard, you need to have proper tools for pruning and maintenance. You do not need to spend a fortune on fancy equipment, but you want to at least ensure that your tools are durable and would not be easily broken or damaged by hard work or weather.
  • Landscape Pruning In The Fall – Many plants and trees require pruning in the fall before the colder weather comes. This helps to ensure that they will begin to grow nicely again once warmer weather arrives. You can begin pruning perennials and annuals as early as midsummer, and continue through the fall. Continue to remove any dead flowers until the colder weather or frost appears. Then mow the area and cover with mulch.
  • Late Fall And Winter – This is a good time to take care of any trees you have in your garden. Remove dead or damaged branches as well as any that may interfere with areas such as pathways, or have grown too close to your home.
  • Spring – When spring arrives, you will likely see a burst of growth, and your garden must be kept in check before the plant growth becomes overwhelming and harder to prune. Cut ornamental grasses close to the ground. If you have perennials, cut them to an approximate height of 4″. This will promote new growth and strong stems.
    In the spring, many trees and bushes also sprout flowers. You can trim these as desired so as to ensure they do not become overly bushy or too crowded. Be sure to remove any damaged or dead branches and stems.

Of course there are many more landscape pruning tips specific to certain types of plants, flowers, bushes and trees.

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