A clean porch in front of a house with urns

Design and Create Colourful and Vibrant Winter Landscaping for Your Property

When snow cover has fully settled in for the winter and temperatures seldom rise above the freezing mark, residential and commercial landscaping in Toronto can become rather bland and in some cases quite bleak. Gone are the colours and the foliage of summer, replaced by barren branches, an all-white landscape, and, fairly often, dull gray skies.

Whether looking toward the property from the street or looking toward the street from a window inside the home or business, the view is the same; colourless and lacking of any character, unless the sand-coloured tone of slush-covered roads/sidewalks is somehow alluring. Fortunately, with a little planning, some creativity, and a bit of effort, property owners can transform these dreary and uninviting scenes into colourful winter gardens.

To some extent, the term winter landscaping may be a misnomer, since the aura or look of a property’s winter landscape is in large part a result of planting and/or maintenance activities carried out at other times of the year. As suggested previously, a little thought and imagination can add vibrancy to an otherwise dull view, regardless of the observer’s point of reference, so here are a few ideas to help stimulate the creative process:

  • Plant flowers and shrubs that will flourish in winter
  • Include some evergreens among seasonal trees/shrubs
  • Add seasonal trees (e.g.: birch) with distinctive-looking bark
  • Add trees/shrubs that hold their fruit in winter (crabapples, holly)
  • Adorn the home with colourful window boxes, urns, hanging baskets
  • Integrate four-season perennials (having foliage in winter) into plant beds
  • Install lighting to accent features such as lattices, statuettes, natural stone
  • Attract birds by installing feeders in strategic and/or highly visible locations

Of course, it might be challenging, if not cost-prohibitive, for property owners to try and integrate such an extensive list of upgrades and changes into their existing landscaping. In addition, some of these modifications may be more suitable than others for a specific type of property or a particular landscaping style. To determine the course of action that complements and best aligns with their current landscaping, property owners might find benefit in consulting with a professional landscaping services provider, such as the team from Landcare.

The design experts from Landcare can assess all existing landscaping and devise a plan to incorporate changes that will ultimately provide an appealing look and character on a year-round basis, including colourful and vibrant winter gardens. Subsequently, the Landcare construction crews can begin the process of implementing the new landscape design as soon as timing and weather permit.

Augment Winter Landscaping with Seasonal Arrangements in Urns, Containers

Beautifully placed urns around a porch of a houseWhile awaiting the more extensive and/or dramatic changes in their winter landscaping design to take full effect, Toronto property owners can supplement the process through the immediate addition of accent urns and containers (window boxes, hanging baskets) sporting seasonal arrangements.  These urns and containers are refreshed and replanted four times per year and can be very effective aspects of winter landscaping relative to:

  • Adding overall colour
  • Accenting an entrance
  • Enhancing curb appeal
  • Expressing holiday wishes
  • Encouraging business traffic

In addition to creating the seasonal arrangements in the urns and containers, Landcare designers can assist property owners in selecting and purchasing the styles and sizes of vessels that would be most appropriate with the existing exterior décor of the building.

If you would like to add colour and vibrancy to your property during the winter, including a redesign of your existing landscaping and the addition of seasonal urns and containers, call the landscape design and construction specialists from Landcare at 416-410-0320 to book a complimentary consultation today!