Leave Your Lawn and Garden Maintenance to a Landscaping Expert

Entrust Your Toronto Lawn and Garden Care to an Expert Landscaping Service

Lawn Care Toronto
As the milder spring weather starts to take hold, many homeowners are busily inspecting their lawns and gardens for damage from the heavy snow and severe cold temperatures of the recent winter.  And a good number of these homeowners may be discouraged, yet not fully surprised, by the extent of the damage found in terms of:

  • Winter burn patches on their lawns
  • Lawn disruption by rabbits or rodents
  • Broken/cracked tree branches or trunks
  • Trees and perennials that are not budding
  • Parts of shrubbery that have dried out/died
  • Sidewalk/patio stones that are cracked/heaved

Once the shock of their inspection results begins to wear off, these property owners then need to start addressing these issues, likely with a sign of resignation and perhaps some indignation as well.  However, depending on the extent and severity of the damage, this task may seem overwhelming, especially when layered onto the standard jobs required each spring to give the property its customary kick-start.

Therefore, to distribute the overall workload into more manageable segments, Toronto homeowners may want to consider the following guide or checklist to lawn and garden care as their properties start returning to life this spring:

Lawn Care

  • Complete lawn raking/gentle thatching, to allow moisture and air penetration
  • Aeration/coring – loosens compacted soil; allows air and water to reach roots
  • Spread top-dressing about the lawn to improve soil texture and overall health
  • Seed or even over-seed any areas that have been affected by winter damage
  • Apply a slow-release, high-nitrogen content fertilizer to promote thick growth
  • Sharpen mower blade, cut frequently (but not short), leave clippings on lawn

Garden and Landscaping Maintenance

  • Prepare flower beds – remove debris, re-edge, turn soil (to relax compacting)
  • Restore or replace nutrients that likely leached from the soil during the winter
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to inhibit germination, improve plant growth
  • Add or replace mulch – aids with moisture retention and suppression of weeds
  • Divide and re-distribute perennials – boosts aesthetics and growing conditions
  • Prune trees based on species/dormancy period – address winter damage asap
  • Re-design, expand, or upgrade existing landscaping and/or add new features
  • Reset, re-level, or replace patio stones, flagstones, interlocking stone, pavers

Even with this itemized checklist, and perhaps the absence of any major winter damage, the time and effort needed for the proper care and maintenance of lawns and gardens in the spring can still seem overpowering to many property owners.

As a result, they may elect to leave their lawn and garden care in the hands of an expert contractor like Landcare, a leading garden landscaping maintenance provider within Toronto and the surrounding area for more than 20 years.

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Benefit from the Insight and Expertise of Landscaping Maintenance Specialists

Although do-it-yourself lawn and garden care can generate a sense of accomplishment as each aspect of the spring checklist is completed, it can be a time-consuming process. And, if one believes that time is a form of currency, it may not be as cost-effective as it initially appears.

In addition, an objective assessment of the impact/success of such care is an important component of the overall process, and the trained professionals from Landcare may be in the best position to perform such an evaluation.  The expertise of the Landcare team can help in identifying and/or recommending the following:

  • The overall health and vitality of all lawns and gardens
  • Moisture content and adjustments to watering patterns
  • Soil content/conditions and need for top-dressing/mulch
  • Effectiveness of weed control and fertilizer applications
  • Risk or degree of insect infestation and requisite actions

In the spring and beyond, lawn and garden care for Toronto properties will benefit from the insight and expertise of a professional landscaping service.

To benefit from the expertise of lawn and garden care professionals, call the landscaping maintenance specialists from Landcare today at 647-557-7307 for a no-obligation consultation on how we may revitalize your property this spring and keep it looking healthy and vibrant throughout the summer and the fall as well.