Let Your Property Landscape Design And Construction Reflect Your Personality

Landscape ConstructionWhether it is by their own accord or with the guidance of an interior designer, people will often decorate the interior of their home in a way that mirrors/reflects their personality. Colours, flooring, furniture style, appliances, and accessories are all part of the interior landscape, in a manner of speaking, that are influenced by personal style/preferences.

But is this same level of attention and flair given to exterior of the home, particularly the landscaping and maintenance of the front yard and/or the backyard? These are quite likely the aspects of the home, notably the front of the property, that are more visible to the public than its interior, hence providing many landscape design and construction opportunities to display the personality of the homeowner family.

From an overall perspective, upgrading, modifying, or entirely restyling the landscape design of any property offers several potential benefits to homeowner and their families:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Ambiance and quiet solitude
  • Increased property/resale value
  • Entertainment opportunities/options

Adding the dimension of one’s personality to a landscape design opens further avenues for distinctive and even unique construction possibilities throughout the four corners of the property. Beginning with the front of the property and underscoring its overall curb appeal, there are a number of landscaping options that homeowners may consider within which they can reflect their personality or character – some of these include:

  • Driveway and walkway design and construction
    • Interlocking stone/brick or poured concrete
    • With an inset pattern or a stylized design
    • Directional in nature or meandering through the yard
  • Steps, entranceways, retaining walls, or tiered gardens
    • Natural stone, wood structures, or some combination
  • Landscape contour and vegetation
    • Trees, shrubs, and/or flowering plants
    • Number, variety, and purpose (shade, colour, low ground cover)
    • Annuals or perennials
    • Number and location of flower beds (can reduce lawn maintenance)
    • Bordered or naturally-trimmed/edged
  • Use of lighting
    • Illumination of entranceways, driveways, flower beds
    • Timer, photocell, or solar
  • In-ground watering system – also reduces lawn maintenance time
  • Seating area (to welcome and entertain guests)
    • Open-air or shaded/protected
  • Bird baths or other water features – to attract types of wildlife

Many of these same options are applicable to the backyard of the property, perhaps with more emphasis on either entertainment or solitude/privacy depending on the personality and preferences of the homeowner.  In addition, landscape design and construction at the rear of the home might also incorporate:

  • A tiered patio or pool deck
  • Wood structures – gazebos, trellises, fencing
  • Larger water features (fountains, fish ponds)
  • An outdoor dining or entertainment area
  • A stone barbecue or fire-pit

Revamping or modifying the landscaping to reflect your personality can create a truly unique and stunning appearance and appeal – but it may also benefit from professional landscape design and construction expertise, such as the extensive range of landscaping services offered by the team from Landcare.

We Offer Full Landscape Design, Construction, And Maintenance Services

There are several advantages to using our landscape construction services to convert a landscaping vision into a visual exterior that reflects the personality and style of the homeowner family. These include:

  • A team of professional designers
  • Expertise at every stage of the process
  • Detailed written estimates
  • Respect for budgeting considerations
  • A collaborative approach to meet client needs
  • On-time project completion

Further to enhancing the look of your property, our yard maintenance services can ensure that your new landscape retains its sense of character as well as a continually fresh look.

To further discuss and understand how we can turn your landscape vision into a reality, call our landscaping professionals at Landcare today at 647-557-7307 or contact us to arrange a free consultation.