When it comes to who‘s mowing your lawn, homeowners and property managers often don’t know who’s working on their property. Most would assume that the company they’ve hired was begun by someone invested in landscaping. However, Landscape and Property Management companies come in a couple of packages. There are those who started and worked from the ground up, garnering experience through education and through practice, and those who are owned by large corporations or even hedge-funds with little or no interest in your property. These big “machine” companies tend to have regular employee turnover, and do the minimum care for your home or business. Their focus is on money earned through volume and often they aren’t even owned by Canadian companies or individuals.

Statistically, 80% of Property Maintenance/Landscaping Companies go bankrupt in their five years of business. That is because the labour is hard, the profit margins are low and the skills are specific. Making mistakes are costly. Plants die, decks and patios can be built structurally incorrect, and staff can leave. Companies like Landcare that have been successfully serving the GTA for more than 25 years have experience that is learned on the job. Landcare has developed a high level of expertise that comes from time and effort. Crews are skilled with upgraded training annually, best practices are adopted (Landcare has been 100% Organic since 1993) and access to the best subtrades has been established through longevity.

Landcare started in 1993 by Rob Crysdale. Rob is involved in all levels of the business depending on what is needed to satisfy the client. While Rob won’t be seen on your property cutting grass week to week, even as the owner of a Toronto Commercial Landscaping and Property Management Company he still throws himself into the mix if crews have been delayed by weather or holidays. He is almost always involved in snow removal (including shovelling the moment requires it). This is true of all his crew heads who are trained based on the same work ethos and defined company values.

No business runs without hiccups, but Landcare is nimble and able to address homeowner or property manager needs in real time. Often big companies have big advertising budgets that will enable them to replace disgruntle clients. But homegrown companies like Landcare feel the loss of a client and do everything they can to retain them. That’s why 90% of Landcare’s business is driven by referrals.

Consider who you are hiring for mowing your lawn and remember that poorly crafted landscapes and unskilled maintenance crews do damage that requires several growing seasons and possibly thousands of dollars to undo.