National Home Show and Canada Blooms

Plan Your 2015 Landscape Construction Projects Now

IMG_1348Although temperatures may not be warming as quickly as perhaps desired, the relentless cold of the past few months has abated and the volume of snow that accumulated in the month of February has lessened dramatically.  The outlines of the landscaping in most Toronto properties are once again clearly visible – so what better time than the present to plan any landscape construction projects for 2015?

While cold-weather months can be the ideal time to plan for landscape construction in the spring and summer seasons, it can sometimes be challenging to visualize or create a design when the property is still showing the signs and effects of winter storms/damage.  For this reason, property owners might consider attending the Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival to germinate (pun intended) some landscaping ideas.  This show is being held in conjunction with the National Home Show at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, in Toronto from March 13-22, 2015.

There are several educational events and exhibits at the Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival to help inspire landscape construction ideas.  Attendees might have an interest in some or all of the following:

  • Many features and attractions, including Floral Alley and Growers’ Lane
  • Workshops – on such topics as how to create European garden bouquets
  • Speakers – as many as 10 seminar options to consider on a daily basis
  • Garden tours – most days of the festival, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

By attending or partaking in these educational sessions, homeowners will be exposed to some of the latest concepts and practices in landscaping that can help turn their own dreams into reality and make their properties the envy of their Toronto neighbourhood.
Some of the inspiration and insight generated during and after the festival may influence thoughts/plans for the following types of landscape projects during the coming season:

  • New/restructured landscape designs
  • Stone and masonry construction
  • Water fountains/other water features
  • Wood construction projects
  • Installation of garden lighting
  • Installation of irrigation systems

Of course, once the inspiration takes hold, the next phase would be to develop an actual design based on any existing landscaping and/or the contours of the property or area to be re-purposed/upgraded.  This can be done through the professional landscape design services offered by Landcare, one of the leading landscaping firms in Toronto.

Utilize a Leading Landscaping Firm in Toronto to Turn Your Design into Reality

With the approved concept in place, the Landcare construction team will subsequently convert that design into reality by applying their unique combination of the following:

  • A keen ability to interpret the nuances of that design
  • Installation of all components with quality craftsmanship
  • More than 20 years of hands-on training and experience

For more information on the range of landscape design and construction services from Landcare, Click Here.

Are you in need of some inspiration on landscape construction ideas for your property in 2015?  Attend the Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival at the National Home Show or call Landcare, one of the leading landscaping companies in Toronto. Call the professionals at Landcare today at 647-557-7307 or contact us to arrange a consultation on how we can help with your landscape design and construction goals.