Have Your Stone Work Installed By A True Artisan

Working with natural stone is a true art form. Most people would have difficulty describing what they like or dislike about a particular stone job but different jobs evoke different feelings or emotions. Good stone work feels impressive. The mastery of the stone can be felt. Landcare prides itself on delivering such workmanship.

Today’s natural stone and masonry projects can be very interesting because of the many new products available. There are lots of new stone products from both China and India. These products are unique in both there texture and color. There are also stone veneers and architectural blocks available for designers to create unique looks. Reclaimed products are also available and can be used to create old world charm or to satisfy ones ecological sensibilities.


There are two main techniques for installing natural stone patios. Wet laid installation is the adhering of the stone to a concrete pad. The joints are grouted upon completion and many colors can be used for the grout. Dry laid installation is laying the stone on sand or hpb (high performance bedding). These two techniques will distinguish the style of the design. The material can also be installed in a formal way, using square cut stone, or an informal manner using random cut stone. Stone walls can also employ the same techniques of wet or dry laid, with sawn or rough faced materials. The coping stone (top stone on the wall) can be sawn, rough-hewn or bull nosed.

Stone is the oldest building material used by man. It can be used to create formal or informal spaces. It is durable and can be used in multiple ways throughout the landscape. A successful job is only as good as the base preparation that went into it. Landcare meets or exceeds industry standards in all of its projects. Call Landcare today and have your stone work installed by a true artisan in stone and masonry work.