A Landscape Construction of Wooden Patio

Now is the Time to Plan a New Landscape Design for Your Residential Property

Most residential property owners would probably admit that landscaping is not a top-of-mind subject during the winter season.  This should not be that much of a surprise, since any notions of landscaping are often associated with the warmer times of the year when amateur gardeners and professional crews can physically work around a property.

Granted, property owners might, over the winter, go to the extent of casually expressing their thoughts on what they should do in terms of gardening and landscaping once the spring arrives.  And while this thought process may be admirable in its own right, it can also engender a lack of planning, last-minute decision-making, and perhaps even total procrastination when the time comes to actually get down to work – all of which can result in accepting/settling for landscaping that falls short of its potential.

The transformation of a property requires a substantial investment of time for both the design and the build stages.  There are many factors that must be considered before the first shovelful of earth can be turned, so to speak, as residential property owners must make decisions on and/or allow time for all of the following:

  • Initial landscape design
  • Refinements and final approval
  • Choosing what to plant/transplant
  • Budgeting or securing any financing
  • Obtaining municipal permits as needed
  • Ordering construction materials (wood, stone)
  • Scheduling crews and the project start/end dates

These are all viable reasons to use the so-called downtime of the winter season to one’s advantage; yes, winter would be an opportune time to collaborate with the designers of a landscaping contractor such as Landcare.

When creating a new landscape design for a residential property, the Landcare team will incorporate all of the following elements into that specific plan to ensure its uniqueness, appropriateness, and functionality for the available space:

  • Line
  • Form
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Visual Weight

Subsequently, the experienced Landcare craftsmen will implement the build phase with the skills and workmanship required to transform the property owner’s design and vision into an aesthetically-pleasing reality.  Such work could consist of:

  • Garden installations
  • Garden ponds or pools
  • Green roof installations
  • Natural stone landscaping
  • Masonry or wood construction

Landscape Maintenance Services to Protect the Investment in Your New Design

A Newly Built Wooden Landscape Patio with Garden FurnitureThe investment in a new landscape design and its subsequent build/construction must be extended beyond the initial outlay of funds for the materials and labour.  In other words, effective and continual maintenance should be performed to protect that investment and keep the new property design looking its best over the long-term.

To that end, Landcare offers year-round landscape maintenance services for a variety of properties, including:

  • Private residential
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Commercial/retail centres
  • Industrial facilities/complexes
  • Recreational and entertainment

Winter is the ideal time to plan a new landscape design for your property, and to confirm its build/construction schedule and subsequent maintenance programs.  Call the design experts at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to request a consultation.