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Soothing Sights & Sounds

Water is crucial to our survival. Perhaps this is why we get so much enjoyment by having it in our landscapes. The soothing sights and sounds can lower your blood pressure, help you relax and de-stress from today’s busy world. You can improve your physical and mental health by enjoying the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature.

Pond LandscapingPool Landscaping

Water features can be used for:

  • Accent
  • Sound
  • Dramatic affect
  • Artistic value
  • Focal point
  • A gathering spot
  • A play and recreation area
  • Environmental conservation
  • Attracting birds and butterflies
  • Creating a habitat for fish,
    frogs & salamanders

Water features can be built from scratch for a affordable cost, installed from kits or purchased as stand-alone elements. There are many styles and structures to consider. Location is an important consideration as are light, view and safety.

The Landcare team will work with you to build your custom water feature as designed.